Daisy Jones and the Six Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

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Prime Video’s ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ ends the band’s story with an emotionally charged episode. All the personal feuds and creative differences, which had been fuelling the fire all this while, lead to an explosion where everything changes for the biggest band in the world on the night of their biggest show. The mystery behind their break up was kept up throughout the season. The final episode gives the audience the answer while showing us what happened to the members after they split up. Here’s everything that happens at the show’s end and what it means for the characters. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 9 and 10 Recap

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

After her close brush with death, Daisy wakes up to find how far she has fallen. The first thing she does is throw Ricky out of her life, especially when she realizes that he would have left her for dead. She straightens her act, limits her drugs, and gets the show back on the road. While she still has feelings for Billy, she tries to build a lasting friendship. However, when Camila sees her and Billy together, she is forced to make him choose.

Meanwhile, Karen struggles to deal with the idea of being pregnant. Accompanied by Camila, Karen goes to the clinic and gets an abortion without telling Graham. This sows the seed for another conflict to tear the band apart. Eddie, too, reaches his breaking point, especially after Billy takes over from him during a song that Eddie and Daisy were supposed to perform. The rejection from Camila also forces his hand, and he tells Billy everything, stating that the Chicago show will be his final.

On the day of the concert, every band member is on edge except Warren. He is the only one who has managed to stay out of the internal conflicts in the band. He tries to explain his point of view to Eddie, but it’s already too late. Stressed about the prospect of losing his family, Billy takes to alcohol again, leading him to make rash decisions. In the end, Daisy knocks some sense into him.

Daisy Jones and the Six Finale Ending: Do Daisy and Billy End Up Together?

Camila always knew there was something between Billy and Daisy, but she gave her marriage a chance. However, when she sees them together, she asks Billy if he loves her, and his silence confirms everything for her. She storms off. Breaking under the pressure of losing Camila and their daughter, Billy starts drinking again. Before the start of the show, he kisses Daisy, and she realizes he is not sober anymore.

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Billy drinks throughout the performance, not knowing that Camila showed up. He had called her, pleading to give their marriage a chance. However, when she sees him and Daisy on the stage together, she decides that ending things would be best for them. By now, Daisy knows what’s happening. When Billy kisses her again and says they can be broken together, Daisy realizes that Billy is not himself. He is acting impulsively, and it will not end well for them.

Moreover, Daisy doesn’t want to be broken anymore. She doesn’t want to fall back into the cycle of cocaine and pills, which is what would happen if she and Billy got together at the time. So, when they return to the stage, she speaks about love and heartbreak and how love should be peaceful and calm and not something that destroys you. Billy knows he is meant to be with Camila, so he leaves the show and finds her.

While the renaming band members perform, Billy and Camila discuss the future of their relationship. Billy promises to dedicate himself completely, so he returns to rehab, self-reflects on his decisions, and restarts his life with Camila. When the show is over, Daisy tells Rod she is leaving the band. She has made peace with her feelings for Billy and knows they cannot make music together again.

For the next twenty years, Daisy and Billy remain at a distance from each other. They go their separate ways, and Daisy carves a new path for herself without the Six. She has had several relationships over the years but confesses that none of them were what she felt for Billy. It is clear that after all these years, he, too, has feelings for her. In the final scene, Billy knocks on Daisy’s door. She smiles at him, confirming that things might well out between them now.

How Does Camila Die?

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

At the show’s beginning, Billy says that sometimes two people meant to be together don’t meet at the right time. The same happened with him and Daisy. They were two sides of the same coin. Everything that made them perfect for each other also made them the worst match at the time. They were both in a turbulent place then, and they needed someone to stabilize them.

Daisy knew that if she and Billy got together, things would be the same as her relationship with Ricky. While Daisy didn’t have anyone to balance her wild side, Billy had that in Camila. After a little setback, Billy realizes Camila is the one for him, and he returns to their life together. They enjoy a happy life together for the next two decades or so. It is not perfect, but it’s good enough for Camila. Even though Billy had chosen her, Camila knew nothing could stop him from loving Daisy.

Things change when Camila is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is also when her daughter, Julia, starts documenting her and the rest of the band to find out what happened on the night of their last show. Camila succumbs to her illness before the documentary is finished. She leaves a message for Billy and Daisy. She tells Julia to ask Billy to call Daisy and tell Daisy to answer the call. This is her giving her blessing to Daisy and Billy. Having reunited them, she also reminds Billy and Daisy that they owe her a song.

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