Damaged (2024): All Filming Locations Explored

With Terry McDonough at the helm, ‘Damaged’ introduces us to detectives Dan Lawson (Samuel L. Jackson) and Bravo (Vincent Cassel) as they track down a serial killer tied to a Saxton cult, executing its twisted moral code. When a case of serial killings emerges in Scotland, the killer’s modus operandi matches that of a similar unsolved case in Chicago that took place five years ago.

Detective Dan Lawson, the officer who worked on the Chicago case, is flown in by Scottish authorities to assist in the investigation. Dan is welcomed by Detective Boyd and brings a reluctant investigator, Bravo, on board. The crime thriller movie is highlighted by its ensemble cast, whodunnit mystery, and old-school visual effects. The Scotland backdrop serves to further its dark and atmospheric storytelling, framed to perfection by cinematographer Matthias Pötsch.

Where Was Damaged Filmed?

Shooting for ‘Damaged’ was indeed carried out on location in Scotland, with a few shots of Chicago, Illinois. Principal photography for the project began in March 2023 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by mid-April 2023. The actors had a positive experience working off of each other on set and took to social media to appreciate their co-stars. “When you know sharing the creative space with (Vincent Cassel) would be dope if you ever got the chance, and it turns out to be even doper!” wrote Samuel L. Jackson in an Instagram post. Let us take a look at some of the specific shooting sites in Scotland that we can recognize in the film.

Edinburg, Scotland

A city seemingly springing out of a 19th-century painting, Edinburg and its surrounding territories became the comprehensive filming locations of ‘Damaged.’ Shooting took place around the central areas of Old Town and New Town, as well as to the city’s north across the Firth of Forth.

The exterior of the police station seen in the film is actually the Stadium House on Alderstone Road. Decked with three floors of office suites, the structure features scenes of the detectives driving up to the building with police vehicles parked at it and a large reception sign plastered over its entrance by the production crew.

The Bank of Scotland building on 75 George Street can be spotted in an establishing shot. The golden statue of Nike on top of the main dome is an easily identifiable feature crowning the late 17th-century structure. The bank is located in the Edinburgh New Town, which is a planned urban area with Georgian architecture, situated adjacent to the historic Old Town. This neighborhood was designed and built in the 18th and early 19th centuries as a response to overcrowding in the Old Town.

The Forth Road Bridge is also featured in a few shots of the film. Situated north of Edinburgh, it is an iconic suspension bridge that spans the Firth of Forth, connecting the city of Edinburgh with the county of Fife. A feat of engineering, the Forth Road Bridge was opened to traffic in 1964, replacing a ferry service that had operated across the estuary for centuries. The bridge’s elegant design features two main spans, supported by massive towers anchored deep in the bedrock of the estuary.

The film crew ventured northwest of Edinburgh and onto the Scottish Highlands, where scenes of the detectives driving along winding, hilly roads were filmed. The team likely rolled cameras on the southern part of the highlands, with the towering Ben Lawers mountain in the background. These areas are characterized by rugged terrain, majestic peaks, and stunning natural beauty. The region makes for an incredibly cinematic backdrop with vast rolling terrain, historical battlefields, ruined castles, numerous lochs, and the tallest mountains in the UK. Some films shot in this region are ‘The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes,’ ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Sunshine on Leith,’ and ‘Mrs Brown.’

Chicago, Illinois

When we are introduced to Dan Lawson, we can see the Windy City in a cinematic landscape shot. The view shown here is of West North Avenue looking towards Lake Michigan, which is hidden behind a wall of skyscrapers. The street serves as a major route for commuters traveling between downtown Chicago and the western suburbs. A sprawling metropolis, Chicago has been featured as the backdrop of its fair share of crime thrillers, including ‘The Killer,’ ‘Primal Fear,’ ‘Payback,’ ‘The Fugitive,’ ‘Wanted,’ and ‘The Mule.’

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