Dancing Dolls: Where Are The Troupe Members Now?

Relentless in their pursuit to be the best, ‘Bring It!’ features Coach Dianna Williams and her Dollhouse Dance Factory. The reality television show revolves around Dancing Dolls, a dance troupe with more than 100 trophies to their name. The series dives into the lives of the young performers and their families. With more than 15 Grand Champion titles, the Dancing Dolls manage their coveted rankings and rise to the occasion in different battles. Years since its release, fans have been curious to know the whereabouts of the members.

Kayla is an Instagram Influencer Now

After her exit from the show, the former captain of the Dancing Dolls has continued to scale her abilities as a performer. The latest feather in her cap includes her production house. Under the purview of Team Kayla Productions, the television personality has released her latest single, ‘Jello.’ Kayla has also retained her love for dance and continues to showcase her talents.

In addition to conducting camps with other dancers, Kayla is an Instagram influencer and regularly shares her journey with fans. When the 25-year-old is not heading dance competitions and busy with work engagements, she likes to unwind with her son Kamarius. Even as adolescents, Kayla and Mo cared deeply about each other. Years since they first went to prom hand in hand, Mo and Kayla are now the proud parents of their baby boy, Kamarius.

Camryn is a YouTube Creator Now

After claiming the Head Drill Master position of the Dancing Dolls, Camryn remained a tough member throughout her time on the show. The television personality has recently graduated from Southern University and A&M College in Los Angeles. In addition to an ever-evolving Instagram following, Camryn is continuously working on new dance projects to share with her fans. The 22-year-old also conducts dance workshops and regularly posts content about her majorette skills. The television personality is a YouTube creator and consistently posts videos about her dance series.

Sunjai, Star, and Sky Are Thriving in Their Individual Paths

The three sisters continuously jumped through hoops to solidify their positions in the dance troupe. Long after their appearances on the program, Sunjai, Star, and Sky have branched out to find individual success. Along with the support of their parents, Selena and JJ Williams, Sunjai had accepted a full dance scholarship from DeSales Univesity.

Since then, the television personality has become an online creator and influencer and has even been invited to fashion shows. In addition to accruing a blooming following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, the 24-year-old is also a real estate agent. Fans and readers can find her website online and also take online majorette classes from the expert.

As for Shamia “Sky” Williams, the former ‘Dancing Dolls’ member has also explored success as a public figure. Like her elder sister, Sky is also a YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram creator. The 22-year-old twins also have a joint YouTube account where they share content on dancing. The three sisters share an adventurous spirit and love to travel together. Their latest escapade includes Dubai.

Finally, Star or Shania is making equal strides in her life. In addition to exploring a career as an Internet Personality, Shania “Star” Williams recently tied the knot with Ephrem Stevenson and gave birth to a baby boy. The young couple also have a family YouTube channel where they share regular updates about their lives through vlogs and other content.

Crystianna is Building a Family Today

Having earned the name “The Silent Killer,” Crystianna’s unmatched performances eventually earned her a major spot in the show. Since her exit from television, the 21-year-old is on the path to expanding her career as a dancer and an internet personality. Having graduated high school, Crystianna is on the path to creating a career in the healthcare industry. Crystianna has enrolled in the School of Nursing at Alcorn State University. On the personal front, she is set to welcome her baby girl with her partner. While the Mississipi-born dancer likes to keep the information about her beau under wraps, it is apparent that the young couple are excitedly looking forward to their journey with their baby girl.

Faith is Focusing on Her Career

Only 16 when she entered the cut-throat competition, Faith Simone Thigpen garnered acclaim for her abilities as an evolving dancer on the show. Since her exit from reality television, Faith has continued to expand her audience and hone her abilities as a singer and dancer. The YouTube creator continues to showcase her talents through online channels and has even appeared on the cover of Thee Jacksonian Magazine. The 23-year-old has also graduated from Jackson State University and is now looking forward to a bright future! Synonymous with her name, the devout Christian also shares snippets of her performances reinforcing positive messages.

Jaylene is an Online Creator Now

Having developed an affinity for dancing at the age of six, Jalen had continuously scaled her abilities. Since her days on the dance reality show, Jaylene has expanded her abilities as a dancer. The 21-year-old entertainer continues honing her skills and recently learned Lyra and Silks. Along with her mother, Maraela, brother, Jet, and stepdad Mason Mastroianni, the boxing enthusiast remains steadfast on the path to success as an online creator, model, and internet personality.

Tanesha is Still Performing

The Misssippi native had showcased her dedication to the craft by skillfully overcoming her performance anxiety on the show. Since then, the 22-year-old has been living and loving life along with her loved ones. The television personality is currently studying at Alcorn State University, where she’s part of the troupe Golden Girls. The former DDL4 dancer is also a brand ambassador for several brands and regularly conducts dance camps.

With a burgeoning following on social media, Tanesha continues to show her skills and agility as a dancer. When she’s not studying or engaged in personal pursuits, she likes to unwind her family and close ones. Tanesha is especially close with her mother, Tamala, who recently welcomed another child. On the personal front, Tanesha likes to keep things private.

Angel and Angela Are Still Passionate About Performing

The 22-year-old twins are still expanding their abilities as dancers and young performers. In addition to refining their craft at Stardom Studios, Angel and Angela are also proud graduates. The Mississippi State University and The University of Southern Mississippi students have become first-generation graduates from their families and are excited to explore all the opportunities that lay ahead. In addition to their close bond, Angel and Angela also share an adventurous spirit. When the two young women aren’t busy with work and other commitments, they like to consistently travel and imbibe different experiences. The duo has traveled to Turks and Caicos, Canada, and several other places in the country as well.

Madyson Prefers to Keep Her Life Under Wraps

After her stint at the Purple Diamonds, Madyson had managed to solidify her position at the Dancing Dolls troupe as well. Madyson is still dedicated to her craft and has remained steadfast on the path to success. With a burgeoning online following across different platforms, Madyson is also exploring opportunities as a young woman. The television personality recently graduated from Jackson State University, where she was an equally participative young woman. While the dancer likes to keep her life under wraps, it is apparent that she continues exploring opportunities ahead.

Princess is a YouTube Creator Now

Hailing from Tenessee, Princess Kelly had already established herself as a captain at the Prancing Tigrettes before she moved on to the Dancing Dolls. Since leaving the Lifetime reality show, Princess has enrolled at Arizona State University, where she continues to harness her capabilities as a dancer and performer. Alongside education and dancing, Princess Kelly is also an online creator and has a significant following on Instagram. She is also a YouTube creator and regularly updates fans about her latest performances.

Tre and Quad Are Focusing on Their Future Today

Showcasing their eclectic and unrestricted movements, twin brothers Tre and Quad had won the hearts of many. Despite facing several challenges, the twins managed to highlight their abilities and expertise in hip-hop effortlessly. Having made their exit, Tre and Quad are doing exceptionally well as young students and performers. While Quad has started his last year at Jackson State University, Tre has largely kept his life and journey private. Nevertheless, the siblings continue to accelerate and grow in their individual paths along with the help and support of their families.

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