Dani and Adan: Is the Love on the Spectrum Couple Still Together?

While there’s no denying many reality dating shows set unrealistic expectations with their superficial themes, Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.‘ (like its Australian parent original) is an outlier. That’s because it revolves around a group of autistic individuals as they step into the innately complex world of romance to give us a truly authentic look into what dating for them is really like. Amongst them throughout its two seasons has been Dani Bowman and Adan Correa— they were mere friends between the filming of these two iterations, only to soon find their way back to one another.

Dani and Adan’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe Dani, it would be inspiring considering the fact she established her own business at the age of 14 despite her initial years being extremely challenging. The truth is she was born and raised in a dysfunctional home, that is, right until her aunt Sandy and uncle Patrick selflessly took her in at 11 to not just offer her some stability but also set a good example. This CEO of Danimation Entertainment has thus always desired a rather idealistic love, wherein her partner is as obsessed with animation plus her other core interests as she is, if not more.

Dani actually said her “ideal partner would be someone who can depend on me; we want to depend on each other” while also being financially independent as well as intimately mature. In other words, this heteroromantic demi-pansexual youngster was more than ready to dive into a sex-involving bond, with comfort, loyalty, trust, and understanding being at the forefront. It hence comes as no surprise she parted ways with her first match Solomon almost as soon as she realized neither their personal nor their professional goals aligned despite them already having shared a few pecks thanks to their undeniable physical spark.

Deni then decided to give speed dating a try, only to come across California State University-Fullerton animation student and near-perfect ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’ impressionist Adan Correa. He honestly impressed her from the get-go, yet it was their shared Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, mutual love for the arts, plus his incredible sense of humor that sealed the deal for her. Thus came their first official date at a Hollywood Hills restaurant, wherein she essentially told him she didn’t find him conventionally attractive before smoothly stating, “seeing from the heart and… soul” is more important when it comes to finding true love.

Adan unsurprisingly agreed with Dani, following which they actually got to know one another on a deeper level prior to ending the night with vague plans for another date, but it didn’t pan out. Instead, she reportedly got into a brief/non-lasting relationship with Solomon once filming of season 1 concluded, just to then go on to navigate first dates all over again with people like Matt as well as James. Yet when these didn’t work out either, the 28-year-old chose to give her former match-turned-close friend Adan another try, with whom she already had plans to attend a Comic Convention.

Dani and Adan Are Still in Love

According to Dani’s own narrative, it was her and Adan’s busy schedules that initially kept them apart — they hadn’t ghosted one another or felt uncomfortable; they merely didn’t have time. Hence, of course, their reunion was straight out of a movie, meaning they were like two peas in a pot with their immediate overall spark, no awkward silences, plus more patience than ever before. This evidently led them to another formal date, where the former finally brought up her deal-breaking, ever-important question of physical intimacy without marriage, to which his response was quite open.

That’s when Dani and Adan shared a romantic short kiss, following which he candidly indicated she was his first date as well as his first kiss ever, and he was glad not to have it any other way. Though their ensuing date was even more eventful, especially as he gifted her the ring he’d designed with her mind in his college jewelry class, she taught him how to properly make out with the help of cupcakes, and he finally asked her to be his girlfriend — she said yes!

So, we’re happy to report that it appears as if this Los Angeles, California-based couple is still blissfully together; neither the entrepreneur turned public speaker nor the animator, student, and voice actor has publicly confirmed or denied this, yet their respective social media platforms do indicate their involvement has continued through mutual follows, likes, plus subtle comments.

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