Daniele and Yohan From 90 Day Fiance: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Yohan Geronimo/Instagram

Season 4 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ showcases several interesting pairs, among which are US native Daniele Gates and her husband, Yohan Geronimo, who hails from the Dominican Republic. While cross-border relationships are always pretty challenging to sustain, the pair promises to go the extra mile and do the additional bit in order to keep the other happy.

While fans of the ’90 Day Fiance’ franchise already know the couple from their appearance on the second season of the spin-off, titled ‘Love in Paradise: The Caribbean,’ they decided to share their heartwarming and exciting journey peppered romance and drama on the fourth season of the show. Let’s find out everything there is about Daniele and Yohan, shall we?

Daniele and Yohan: Where Are They From?

Daniele is a 42-year-old mother of one who hails from the US and was residing in New York City at the time of filming. She had been in New York for several years and had a love-hate relationship with the city. While she loved the culture, the people, and the opportunities New York offers, Daniele was disillusioned by the extremely high cost of living and wanted to stay somewhere quieter and less crowded. While in New York, she owned a Yoga Studio and was well-known as a certified Yoga instructor.

However, at present, she describes herself as an educator as well as a Retreat Leader and claims that she can help others heal their trauma without medicine. Moreover, her social media account indicates that Daniele has shifted her profession to the Dominican Republic, as she often hosts retreats and camps based around yoga and natural healing.

On the other hand, Yohan has resided in the Dominican Republic all his life. While he is a hard worker, he mentioned how the pay in his country was too less to live a decent life. Unfortunately, Yohan prefers to keep his profession private, although he shares a love for fitness, much like Daniele. Still, his ultimate dream is to move to the United States with his beloved in order to start a life there.

Daniele and Yohan: How Did They Meet?

Viewers will be surprised to know that Daniele met Yohan in a hotel lobby while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. She revealed that she fell in love the moment she laid eyes on him, and it did not take long for the two to get comfortable with each other. Although they spent a few days together during the trip, Daniele’s visa forced her to return to the United States soon after. Yet, she found it difficult to forget Yohan and soon found herself traveling back to the Dominican Republic.

When Daniele met Yohan for the second time, he proposed, and the US native was only too happy to accept. Yet, like most cross-border relationships, they too had their ups and downs, which were documented on the spinoff show ‘Love in Paradise: The Caribbean.’ In fact, they even had vastly different opinions about where to settle down, but eventually tied the knot in November 2021. However, Daniele’s visa forced her to move back to the United States again, although she found living without her significant other extremely difficult.

Daniele and Yohan: Future Prospects

While Daniele and Yohan have faced several obstacles during their time together, they have always managed to overcome them by leaning on each other for support. They have been very understanding of each other since the beginning and never hesitated to compromise in order to keep the other happy. Hence, even though the couple has failed to see eye to eye on several issues, they always manage to meet each other halfway, and their marriage has generally been drama-free.

However, once Daniele traveled to the Dominican Republic and got a taste of what life is like outside New York City, she refused to return to the United States. She insisted on settling down with Yohan in his native country, even though he disapproved of the decision. According to Yohan, there aren’t a lot of opportunities in the Dominican Republic, and he was adamant about moving to New York City.

The matters related to the geographical barriers naturally resulted in a few conflicts between the lovebirds. However, from the looks of it, Yohan and Daniele were able to work out their differences, as their social media accounts are full of the memories they have made together. Hence, we believe that with the chemistry the couple shares, they are in it for the long run.

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