Are Danielle and Mohamed From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?

90 Day Fiance’ is an American documentaryreality TV series that airs on TLC and has gained a broad fan base all over the world. Since its debut in 2014, the show has spanned seven seasons and six spin-offs, introducing more than 50 couples to us.

The show follows the story of the couples who have met online and fallen in love, with one of them belonging to a foreign country. Their foreign fiancés are given a K-1 visa through which they can enter the country and marry their partners within three months. If not married, they are automatically deported back to their respective countries. Even though the couples produce a signed document to the state and the US Immigration services, promising to marry each other, sometimes the relationships do not work out, and the couples split up without tying the knot.

One such couple – Danielle and Mohamed – appeared on season 2 of the show in 2014, and what followed was an extremely challenging journey!

Danielle and Mohamed: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Danielle and Mohamed had met in an online chatroom, and consecutive conversations led them into the depths of love, and soon they were engaged. Danielle, who was 41 years old at that time, already had three teenage daughters and an adult son from her previous relationships. Mohamed, who was 26 years of age back then and belonged to Tunisia, got his K-1 visa and moved to Ohio, where Danielle lived. Those three months that followed were nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster ride as ugly truths about each other started to unravel. While Mohamed was busy meeting Danielle’s family and trying to adjust to her lifestyle, Danielle was busy planning the wedding. Only a few knew the battles they were trying to fight.

Danielle was astonished at the fact that Mohamed was unemployed and that he had lied about having a job, and Mohamed was in for an unpleasant surprise when Danielle’s financial struggles came into light, including credit card fraud. Danielle couldn’t hold on to a job and her spending habits had put her under a ton of debt. Despite Danielle’s family’s obvious skepticism and suspicion over Mohamed’s true intentions, the duo got married!

Are Danielle and Mohamed Still Together?

Alas, their marriage could not stand the lies, manipulation, drama, and heated arguments, and the couple got divorced in October 2017. After their split, Danielle appeared in many interviews. She admitted that she regretted marrying Mohamed and that she should have listened to her family, who had warned her about his ulterior motives. She confessed that she now realized that Mohamed might have only been after money and his green card.

According to sources, Mohamed consummated the marriage only once after two months of the wedding and he would hesitate to get intimate with Danielle. Danielle had caught him cheating on her as she found him chatting with multiple women online, including a Canadian woman who used to send him money. Reports suggest that after two months, as soon as Mohamed got his green card, he dumped Danielle and packed up and left for Miami with another woman. Even though TLC didn’t air this footage, the behind-the-scenes staff informed that Danielle had followed him and their confrontation had led to such an ugly fight that the police had to be involved.

Fans have taken sides on this matter. While some think Mohamed was a liar and cheater, others think that Danielle’s possessive and insecure behaviour led to the failure of this marriage. Danielle had also told the media that she wanted to file for an annulment so that Mohamed could be deported back, but she gave in to his constant requests for a divorce as he wanted to stay back in the USA.

Where Are They Now?

Danielle’s Instagram account is flooded with constant updates and her posts show her to be working on herself – mind, body, and soul! Her before and after pictures show that she has lost almost 15 pounds in her weight loss journey and she is also seen to be making positive lifestyle changes and working on her mental health! Her fans have reached out to her and shown immense support towards her newfound transformation. If rumours are to believed, it seems like Danielle has already moved on and she has a special man in her life.

She told InTouch, “He had reached out to me and Mohamed both during our first season of 90 Day Fiancé. We stayed in contact after me and Mohamed split. He was there for me and my kids after Mohamed left.” Danielle is also a proud grandmother and she is often seen spending time with her grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Mohamed has moved to Chicago and is leading a much simpler life than before. He doesn’t seem to have a woman in his life, but he has definitely found love in his new pet dog called Bowie. Mohamed’s Instagram account shows his life out in Chicago, his cute moments with Bowie, and a lot of pictures of food! Mohamed has also taken up cooking and photography and posts a lot about the same.

He has also obtained his Commercial Driver’s License and has taken up a job as a truck driver. It seems like he is going to be on the road for a while.

Things are off to a good start for Mohamed and he recently took to social media, hinting about getting one step closer to obtaining his US Citizenship. His resolution for 2020 speaks about his dreams and hopes and living life to the fullest. He posted, “This year is the year of accomplishments. This decade is the decade of achieving dreams. Determination, organization, getting rid of nasty people, hard work, and a lot of money.”

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