Danielle and Cody: Are the MAFS Stars Still Romantically Involved?

In the gripping saga of season 5 ‘Married at First Sight,’ Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek emerged as a couple whose journey through love’s labyrinth left viewers on the edge of their seats. Their union, a product of the unconventional reality TV experiment, promised sparks and surprises, but no one could have predicted the twists and turns that awaited them. As the dust settled on the Lifetime show, Cody and Danielle’s relationship endured the unpredictable nature of love and the complexities that accompany the pursuit of lasting companionship. Their journey, marked by highs and lows, twists and turns, left an indelible mark, prompting viewers to ponder the age-old question: Did their love truly conquer all?

Danielle and Cody Had Conflicting Personalities on The Show

From the very beginning, Cody Knapek and Danielle DeGroot’s relationship faced a challenge that set the tone for their tumultuous journey. As the curtain lifted on their union, Cody’s decisive friend-zoning of Danielle left audiences questioning whether this match made in ‘MAFS’ heaven would weather the storm. The duo, seemingly incompatible at first glance, quickly became the focal point of intrigue and anticipation.

The friction between them ignited during their honeymoon, where the lack of intimacy became a glaring issue. Danielle’s reluctance to dive headfirst into the physical aspect of their relationship cast a shadow over their burgeoning connection. The disparity in their dating experiences came to light, with Danielle’s seasoned history in the world of romance contrasting sharply with Cody’s more novice approach.

However, amidst the growing tension, a glimmer of hope flickered in the form of their shared passion for health and fitness. They found solace in their common ground, a sanctuary where the embers of compatibility continued to smolder. Their mutual interest became a lifeline, keeping their relationship afloat despite the stormy seas that surrounded them. As the pressure built and Decision Day loomed on the horizon, Cody and Danielle defied expectations by choosing to stay together.

Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek are Not Together Anymore

After the show, the world watched with bated breath as Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek announced their decision to file for divorce after just one year of marriage. The once-burgeoning love story, born from the depths of reality TV experimentation, left fans clamoring for more insight into the tumultuous journey that unfolded after the cameras stopped rolling. In a late August revelation of 2017, Danielle and Cody broke the news to PEOPLE. “After a year of marriage, and much thought and consideration, we are deeply saddened to announce that we’ve decided to go our separate ways,” they declared.

Despite the heartbreak, the duo emphasized that they remained the “closest of friends” and expressed gratitude to the ‘MAFS’ experts for their guidance and love throughout the challenging process. Cody, in an interview with The Knot, shed light on his perspective, revealing that he had communicated to Danielle his desire to shift their relationship focus towards friendship rather than a physical connection. He candidly shared his regret, expressing a wish for a “do-over” of their honeymoon, the epicenter of their initial struggles. Fast forward to April 2020, and Danielle returned to the reality television realm for ‘Married At First Sight: Where Are They Now?’

In this reunion special, she unveiled the status of her love life, disclosing that she was still single and on the quest for her forever person. Despite the romantic setbacks, Danielle showcased a transformed professional trajectory, embracing a dual role as a dietitian and a yoga instructor. Her dedication to yoga extended beyond the studio, as she gushed about leading yoga retreats around the world—a dream realized amidst the tumult of her personal life. However, life off-camera brought its share of challenges for Danielle. In 2021, her world was shaken by the passing of her father, adding a poignant layer to her journey.

Yet, amidst the trials, Danielle has found solace and joy in the companionship of her two loyal canine friends, Homie and Dude, who celebrated their twelfth birthday in 2023. She shares moments of happiness with her beloved dogs, painting a vivid picture of resilience and strength. In the realm of career evolution, Danielle has emerged as a Registered Dietitian with companies like Nutrition Dynamic, Dietitian Gone Wild, and Concerto Renal Services. Her professional prowess has showcased a woman not only resilient in love but also dynamic in her pursuit of personal and career fulfillment.

On the other side of the MAFS divide, Cody Knapek has ventured into the world beyond reality TV, reportedly carving a path as the Regional Sales Manager at OnSite Marketing Inc. in Ohio. While the world wondered about his romantic escapades, Cody allegedly teased fans in 2017 by acknowledging that he was dating someone he met through the Lifetime network series. Details about the relationship remained elusive, leaving audiences speculating about the mysterious love interest who entered his post-show life.

Then, in 2021, Cody shared a cryptic picture with Sherene Elsayed, sparking talks and whispers across social media platforms. He kept fans guessing, leaving them hungry for more insights into the nature of their connection. Finally, the truth emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of uncertainty. In a grand revelation, Cody Knapek proudly announced his engagement to Sherene in February 2023. The couple, who had navigated the labyrinth of reality TV romance, found their way to a genuine and lasting connection. The journey, fraught with twists and turns, reached a joyous pinnacle as Cody and Sherene geared up for their impending nuptials on February 2, 2024, according to The Knot.

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