Are Darcey and Tom From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ has seen its share of splits and breakups. While the show has given birth to many success stories, its rigorous journey has also driven some couples apart. Darcey and Tom’s relationship has always been a troubled one. They have been through many ups and downs and never knew where they stood. Darcey had first featured on season 1 and 2 of the spin-off ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ with her ex Jesse Meester. She then came with Tom on its season 3.

Darcey and Tom: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Connecticut’s 45-year-old Darcey started talking to Tom online through Facebook a few years back. 39 years old and belonging to the UK, Tom had approached Darcey when she was already in a steady relationship with Jesse. Even though they weren’t romantically involved from the start, they had maintained a good friendship all these years.

Things changed when Darcey and Jesse split up. It was Tom who helped her through her breakup and comforted her. Talking all day on calls and video chats made Darcey realize her feelings for Tom. She flew to England to see him. While Darcey was already in love with Tom, he needed some time to explore their connection as he had had his heart broken in the past.

As the season went on and the couple spent more time together, Tom ended up falling for Darcey as well. They expressed their love for each other, and soon, Darcey left for the states. Tom had also given her a key to his house and told her to come over straight away when she visits England again.

But, Darcey’s happiness was short-lived. In a matter of a few weeks, Tom broke up with her. Darcey was heartbroken, but she too had issues with Tom. She felt that he didn’t give her time and was only available when it was convenient for him. She felt insecure and unloved. She shared that it felt as if they had drifted apart and it had become really painful to handle. Darcey’s sister consoled her and told her that she deserved better.

Darcey had made up her mind to move on when she heard from Tom again. He told her that he’d be in the states for some work and would like to meet her. Even though she was a bit hesitant at first, Darcey decided to go see him. But before that, her sister found some photos of Tom on social media. The photos included another woman who was sitting on his lap and they looked quite intimate.

Darcey felt as if Tom was playing around with her. She felt manipulated and disrespected. She decided to confront him in person and tell him how he wronged her. But, Tom insisted that he still loved Darcey. She said to him that she didn’t trust him anymore. Tom and Darcey constantly confused the audience with their on-and-off relationship and commitment phobia. No one knew their relationship status by the time the show ended.

Are Darcey and Tom Still Together?

No. They are not together. Darcey called it quits when Tom couldn’t make up his mind and would be seen with other women all the time. Tom also befriended her ex, Jesse, which Darcey found really offensive and disgusting. Darcey is currently single and is planning to move to California with her daughters and sister.

Tom, since then, has been in and out of quite a few relationships. In January, he had apparently asked his new girlfriend, Amanda, to move in with him. An event manager, Amanda, lives in New York, and had taken to social media sharing how exciting it would be if she could star in a spin-off series with Tom.

A few days back, Tom and Darcey met again for closure. But the meeting didn’t go well. When Darcey confronted him about having another woman, he didn’t deny. Darcey always had a feeling that Tom had cheated on her. Tom told her about the woman he met during their time apart was from Milan. He had met her at a fashion show and was confused about his feelings.

Tom didn’t apologize for his behavior. Instead, he accused Darcey of being self-obsessed and still being hung up on Jesse. He told her off for not loving him for the way he was. By then, Darcey was done with the drama. When Tom offered to stay friends, she was quick to say no. That didn’t go well on his ego and he hit back with a nasty jab by asking her if she had put on weight. He instantly received negative comments on that remark and he took to social media to apologize. As for Darcey, she has confirmed to the media that it is a hundred percent over with zero chance of reconciliation. Tom has now locked all his social media accounts.

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