Dark Matter: Is Dares a Real Candy Bar?

In Apple TV+’s ‘Dark Matter,’ as Jason Dessen traverses through different versions of his story, he discovers that small things can make a lot of difference. In trying to go back to his original world, he comes across variations of worlds that look eerily similar to his, but there is one thing or another that is different here. It could be anything from a different child he has with the same woman or a different car than he has in the world that he belongs to. It is details like these that make one appreciate small things, and Dares candy is one of those things for Jason’s fellow traveler, Amanda. SPOILERS AHEAD

Dares is a Fictional Candy in Dark Matter’s Parallel Universe

Stuck inside the box, when Amanda and Jason start talking about the things they like, the mention of candies eventually comes to the table. As expected, like everything else, their worlds don’t necessarily share the same candies. Amanda mentions that her favorite is a candy called Dares, but Jason doesn’t recognize it because it does not exist in his world. Turns out it does not exist in our world either. There is a Canadian company called Dare, which produces stuff like Bear Paw cookies, REALFRUIT gummies, Breton crackers, and Melba Toast, to name a few. If Amanda comes to our world, this is as close as she will get to Dares from her world, but the fact remains: it’s not the same.

In the seventh episode, Jason discovers that Dares is not unique to Amanda’s world. He finds the candy of the same name in the world that Amanda brings them to. He surprises her by bringing her the candy, but considering that she is the one who brought them to this world, it is not really that unexpected to find her favorite candy in a world that she handpicked for herself. She reveals that before coming to this world, she thought about the people rather than the place. Because Dares candy is connected to her childhood memories, it would have factored into her imagination, even if subconsciously, and it makes sense then that it appeared in the world that Amanda wanted for herself.

The appearance of the candy also proves that this is the perfect world for Amanda. In her meeting with Jason at the Spire restaurant, she tells him how the Amanda of this world went missing a couple of years back, and with no one in her family around, it is a clean slate for her to start her life anew. The world, much more progressive than Jason I and Amanda’s, materialized out of Amanda’s imagination as she hoped for a world where she could finally settle down and start her life anew. The world where she finds Dares shows that this is custom-built for her, and she’s got what she asked for.

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