Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of AMC+’s ‘Dark Winds’ gets personal for Joe Leaphorn when he discovers that man who killed his son is the man who has been going around killing people. The fourth episode of the season catches up with the first scene of the season, where Joe and Bernadette track down Colton Wolf’s trailer, and he opens fire at them. In the last episode, Joe and Bern track down Colton by following up with a complaint about illegal dumping on a local man’s property.

When it looks like they might need to wait for backup for a few hours, Joe decides to go after Colton by himself if that’s what it takes to arrest the man. In this episode, his resolve is tested, physically and mentally, and we wonder if Joe will compromise with his morality to get revenge. Here’s what happens by the end of the episode.

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

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After trying to kill Jim Chee at the hospital, Colton goes back to his trailer to recuperate and find a new plan. However, Joe and Bern catch up with him. He sneaks out of his trailer just as they enter it and catches them off guard. After opening fire on them, he steals their car and drives away but crashes it without getting too far. Bern considers waiting for backup, but Joe knows they will take too long. So, they follow Colton into the dark.

They chase after him in the dark and corner him at the edge of a cliff. When they try to get to him, he jumps off. Bern believes that they should wait for backup this time because they know where Colton will go from there. However, Joe is too impatient for it and jumps off the cliff into the darkness. Meanwhile, Jim Chee is visited by Mrs. Vines, who is surprisingly heartbroken to discover that Tomas Charley has also been killed.

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Does Joe Catch Colton Wolf?

In the beginning, Joe wanted to catch Colton because the latter was responsible for the murders of Tomas Charley and his father, Emerson. He also tried to kill Chee and even came to the hospital to finish the job. However, it is after Joe discovers that Colton was the one who blew up the oil drill which claimed Joe Jr.’s life that he becomes adamant about catching him by any means possible. He doesn’t care if he has to jump off a cliff to follow Colton, but he is not ready to let the murderer slip away, even if it means he might be jumping off to his death.

Image Credits: Michael Moriatis/AMC

The next morning, Joe wakes up in the valley with several injuries, including a broken arm. He fixes himself up and looks around for clues that might lead him to Colton. Sure enough, he finds a trail of footsteps and sneaks up on the killer. Despite being injured, Joe has a leg up on Colton. He ties up the killer and drags him across the valley to get to the prison on the other side. Colton mentions that it will take them three days to get there, and they are in the middle of a desert without any food or water. He also mentions that Joe is more injured and might not survive for long.

Throughout the way, Colton tries to get under Joe’s skin. He realizes that catching him is not just a job for Joe. It is something personal. He guesses that he killed someone close to Joe, but before he can guess who it is, Joe cuts him off and forces him to walk on. Colton tries all sorts of things to get Joe off guard to free himself and run away. However, despite his injuries and the exhaustion of the journey, Joe remains vigilant.

Jim Chee meets B.J. Vines, who hires him to find a man. He thinks his wife is having an affair, and he wants to find out who it is and offers Chee a lot of money to find out who it is. From how Mrs. Vines reacted to Tomas’ death, Chee might already have his answer. Meanwhile, Emma and Sally go to the hospital to get her son a check-up. Sally struggles with motherhood, especially because she thinks her baby doesn’t like her. She is already traumatized by how things happened to her and how she got pregnant. She already felt tied down to the place she wanted to run away from. She thought Emma and Joe taking her in might change things, but now she feels all the worse. She doesn’t want to raise her baby, who’ll eventually discover how he was brought into the world.

Meanwhile, backup finally arrives, and Bern tells them how Joe went after Colton and plans to take him to the prison on the other side. She also worries that Joe might kill Colton if they don’t find them in time. Despite the officer trying to take the lead in the situation, Bern sticks to her instincts and follows the path she knows Joe must have taken. She is concerned about the man who is like a father to her and worries that Colton might have killed him already.

As they trudge along, Colton finally finds his moment and escapes Joe’s grasp. He frees himself out of the bounds and lies in waiting because he knows Joe will come for him. As expected, Joe shows up, and Colton takes him by surprise. A tussle ensues between them, and Colton almost overtakes Joe. But it turns out that Joe’s resolve is stronger, and he holds Colton at gunpoint. At this point, for a moment, it looks like Joe might shoot Colton. We can see the thought in his eyes, but he restrains himself.

Fortunately, Bern finds them and brings this ordeal to an end. She is relieved to find Joe alive and that he hasn’t killed Colton. Together, they take Colton back and put him in prison while Joe finally rests. His entire staff looks at him in awe, seeing how beat up he is and still managed to catch the killer who could have easily killed him.

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