Dash Katz: Squid Game Player 141 is Now an NYC Fashion Week Model

One of the biggest reasons why we have come to love Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is due to its highly engaging cast. Given the premise of the show (based on ‘Squid Game‘), most of the cast members try their level best to keep their emotions aside in order to achieve their practical goals. The task is far from simple, though some do end up being more successful than others. That said, playing a double-edged game can often lead to dire consequences.

Dash Katz, AKA Player 141, is perhaps the prime example of what can often happen when one’s attempts to play a smart game backfires. Though they had formed good connections with a lot of contestants in the show, Dash was far from unaware of just how some of the alliances worked and how they could be a threat to their own place in the game. So, when the chance presented itself, they tried to play a smart game while not exactly revealing their intentions.

However, Dash perhaps underestimated how much others might be on board with their plan, as their actions soon backfired when they tried to explain their reasonings to one of the players. Hence, not many were surprised when they were chosen to be eliminated by one of the contestants they had been planning on sabotaging. Despite the circumstances, Dash exited with their head held high, claiming that they were right about their reasonings. Now, the world is eager to know just what the reality TV star has been up to these days.

Where is Dash Katz Today?

Thanks to their open and affable nature, Dash was one of the few contestants who was on good terms with a lot of players. However, their amicable nature was in no way a hindrance to their drive for victory, given just how much they were willing to risk in order to take home the grand prize. The player preferred to keep their cards close to their heart and was certainly not averse to deceptions in order to ensure that they were away from any line of fire.


In the real world, Dash Katz is quite beloved, thanks to their talents in multiple fields. Based in New York City, New York, the reality TV star is an actor, singer, model, and host. Having appeared in their very first professional show at the age of 11, Dash is no stranger to the world of entertainment. They are also quite proud of their status as a New York University alumnus, having graduated cum laude with an acting and voice degree.

Over the years, Dash has partnered up with multiple brands, including Morphe Brushes, Away, Samsung and Spencers. More recently, they proudly walked the runway during the 2023 New York Fashion Week, thanks to their collaboration with Tilted Lotus. They are also associated with Somebody as one of the company’s promoters. As for their acting work, the reality TV star is scheduled to appear in ‘Reflect,’ a sci-fi movie expected to be released in 2024, in which Dash would be seen essaying the role of Zero, a cult leader.

Also working as an Audible narrator, Dash is pursuing their music career via an original project. As of writing, they have partnered with Don Buchwald & Associates, MMG, True Model Management,  and Multi-Ethnic Talent for representative purposes. Some of the reality TV contestant’s additional accomplishments include hosting for The Tylt, being featured in the 38th Miami Film Festival, and playing a part in ‘The Coronation.’

More than anything, Dash aspires to be a host of a major talk show or a reality series. A firm advocate of equality, they have never been shy about voicing their opinions and always aim to be kind in nature. Dash is also quite close to their family and has always been a big supporter of spreading love and fighting for what is right.

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