Date A Live Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: So Be It! 2D It Is!

In ‘Date A Live’ season 4 episode 2, titled ‘So Be It! 2D It Is!’ Shidou tries to impress Nia so that she falls in love with him and he can seal her powers with a kiss. But when several attempts lead to dead ends, he has a meeting with the Ratatoskr, and they come up with a plan they feel will definitely work. Meanwhile, Kurumi pays Nia a visit to gather some critical information that could ultimately redefine the struggle between humanity and the Spirits.

Shidou Tries to Make Nia Fall in Love With Him

After running into Nia on the streets and learning that she is a Spirit working as a manga artist, Shidou decides to seal her powers. However, she is already aware of his mission thanks to her angel and even goes on a date with him, aware that she has never fallen in love with anyone but fictional characters. Using her interest in manga, he dresses up as one of her favorite characters and acts just as he would in front of a woman. Initially, he manages to amaze her with his acting, but when he is about to kiss Nia, she gets angry and berates him for breaking character.

Shidou later tries to use a video game demo for the same purpose but fails miserably once again. By this time, the Ratatoskr have a meeting with him, and they collectively throw random ideas that could finally be effective in winning Nia’s heart. In the end, they decide to enter Comico, a manga festival where they will try to sell their own manga with Shidou as a character. The Ratatoskr then challenge Nia to read their work if they manage to sell more copies at the festival than her. Nia, who feels that they don’t even stand a chance, accepts their challenge.

Later, Shidou and Kotori meet one of Nia’s old friends who claims that she used to be quite friendly but always put her manga work above everything else in her life. However, with time, she slowly became cold and distant, which can be deemed a natural behavior of hers. Nia’s friend mentions that she never talked about any friends she had in the past, which is why it can be argued that she prefers to remain a mystery and does not like to get too close to people emotionally.

Meanwhile, the Spirits have already started working on the manga and have managed to remain motivated despite several hurdles in their way. Natsumi, who originally pitched the idea back in the meeting, works more than anyone else on the team and naturally manages to contribute the most to the overall project. However, because of overexerting herself, she eventually passes out while working, leaving the final bits to the rest of the team.

The Spirits then wholeheartedly occupy themselves with preparations for the festival, hoping that this will finally work on Nia. While others are engaged in winning her heart, Nia is visited by Kurumi Tokisaki. She asks her to look into something of critical importance with her angel.

What is the Spirit of Origin? How Does Kurumi Plan to Destroy Her?

When Kurumi meets Nia, she asks her to find out everything about the Spirit of Origin and how she can be killed. Aware of her angel’s unlimited knowledge of the world, she is confident of finally finding out the truth. But before we get to the Spirit of Origin, it is essential to take a step back and look back on the importance of this revelation. Back when the Spirits first started appearing, humanity fought the Spirits to kill them, like the Anti Spirit Team, or they tried to seal their powers with the help of Shidou like Ratatoskr.

However, in the continuous struggle, the question of their origins got lost somewhere, which is of insurmountable importance. Furthermore, Kurumi’s question not only tries to gather information about the aforementioned conundrum, but it appears that she wants to put an end to all the misery herself, which explains her reluctance to get her powers sealed by Shidou.

Nia’s angel reveals that all Spirits are created by the Spirit of Origin, which is an insanely powerful Spirit that is almost impossible to defeat in a one-on-one confrontation. While the anime does not show the angel telling Kurumi how she can be defeated, one can conclude from her reaction later that she has found a way to breach the defense of the Spirit of Origin. Using her powers that allow control over time, she can manipulate the fight in her favor and, looking at her confidence, she knows it will definitely work.

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