Dave Starr: The Endurance Tickling Casting Agent is Now a Producer

Although David “Dave” Starr has apparently served on the edge of the entertainment industry for most of his career, according to HBO’s ‘Tickled’ (2016), the truth is he is so much more. In fact, thanks to his unwavering drive, he has actually managed to establish a place for himself in this dynamic world of creativity as an actor, director, as well as producer.

Who is Dave Starr?

It was reportedly back in the mid-1990s when former adult entertainment actor became involved in the world of competitive endurance tickling (CET) upon finding Terri “Tickle” DiSisto online. That’s because he opened a conversation with her after finding a video online, just for one thing to lead to another until he essentially landed the position of her casting director. After all, per the aforementioned documentary, she was running an operation wherein she was hiring young men from all over the world to test their endurance in a tickling contest for her personal collection.

Dave actually joined her in 1999, per the film, but things soon took a dark turn. She began posting the videos online, something he vehemently opposed as it went against the talent’s wishes. He wasn’t shy in expressing this, unaware he’d soon become her target too – she began sending him threatening messages and continuously harassed him as well as his family members. This actually went to such an extent she often even mentioned her late brother and had a degrading tagline for him, though little did he know at the time Terri was allegedly David D’Amato.

Where is Dave Starr Now?

While Dave concedes he essentially served as Terri’s “drug dealer” for over five years since he believes she was addicted to tickle torture videos, he has since managed to move on. In fact, despite the fact not much is known about his personal life at the moment, we do know he currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, from where he serves as an actor, director, plus filmmaker. However, his appearance in ‘Tickled’ (2016) as himself was arguably the first time he reached an international level, following which he seems to have taken advantage of his platform to spread his wings.

We say this rather confidently because ‘Prickles the Cactus’ (2000) producer Dave has since even served as an executive producer on ‘The Fifty Million Dollar Bullet’ (2020) as well as ‘R.S’ (2022). As if that’s not enough, his recent credits also include ‘One Wrong Turn: A Descent Into a Nightmare,’ ‘I Learn by Travel,’ ’27 Matches,’ plus ‘Faking Filmation.’ In other words, Dave’s primary position these days is as a producer for TickleFilms.

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