David Miller: Unlocked Participant is Still Behind Bars Today

Netflix’s ‘Unlocked: A Jail Experiment’ certainly took a unique route to the prison reform system by not only implementing a highly unique experiment but also doing so in front of television cameras. Among the many individuals whose presence on the show impacted the events in a significant way, David Miller certainly stood out from the crowd. Though his time as a participant in the experiment was not long, he left an impression on everyone that few are likely to forget.

David Miller Did Not Get Along With Fellow Inmates

While there were many factions disagreeing with each other over one reason or the other in the H-unit of Pulaski County Detention Facility, almost every inmate seems to have a grudge against David Miller. The man in question claimed he was a shy person, though this did not align with what other inmates said about him. Randy “True Story” Randall even commented that Miller was known for infuriating others by not being mindful of his words.

It was during his time in the experiment that Miller once again found himself at odds with one of the other inmates. In an effort to ensure that no conflict broke out and that the experiment did not come to an early end, True Story tried to talk to Miller. This only made the latter feel that True Story was trying to control everything in the unit, something he was not happy about. Not satisfied with how his conversation with Miller had gone, True Story talked to one of his allies, leading to one of the inmates punching Miller while he was in his cell.

Though he had been punched by someone else, Miller expressed that he was sure that the move had been orchestrated by True Story. Claiming that he did not want to be off guard once more, he decided to arm himself. As such, he took a comb and started using the locks of the cells to sharpen and file it, all in order to make it similar to a makeshift knife or a shank. For him, this was insurance, but it was certainly a weapon that could have caused tragic results.

Given that Miller’s making of a shank had been captured by the surveillance footage, the officers in charge had to make a tough decision as to what they should do. Deputy Owens pointed out that most shanks in prisons were indeed made for self-defense, but they were ultimately weapons that could harm someone under their surveillance. Feeling that Miller’s actions were independent of the group of inmates as a whole, Sheriff Eric Higgins made the call to move Miller out of H-Unit and continue the experiment even in his absence.

Where is David Miller Now?

Having been transferred out of H-Unit, David Miller is no longer a resident of Pulaski County Detention Facility. As of writing, he is an inmate of the Cummins Unit in Lincoln County, Arkansas. Miller had been sentenced to five years in prison on August 4, 2023, on the charge of 2nd-degree domestic battery. During his time as a detained man, he has also taken up many programs, many of which are focused on his mental health. In fact, he has completed the Stress Management course twice, once on December 27, 20203, and then on January 8, 2024.

Additionally, Miller finished an Anger Management program on January 3, 2024, followed by the completion of a Domestic Violence program on January 8, 2024. Some other programs that he has concluded include Communication Skills, Thinking Errors Group, and ServSafe-Food Handler Manager. He has been eligible for parole since December 29, 2023, but is still serving a jail sentence. This is also the first time that he has been incarcerated for a felony.

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