Mason Abraham AKA Mayham: Where is Unlocked Inmate Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unlocked: A Jail Experiment’ introduces viewers to various inmates of the Pulaski County Detention Facility, each with their own unique journey. For Mason Abraham, who is better known as Mayham, the experiment provided an opportunity to experience more freedom, though it was not without its fair share of frustrations. After all, he did not think it was fair that others tried to police the way he was living when there was no mandated need.

Mason Abraham AKA Mayham Wanted to Make the Best of the Experiment

The experiment introduced by Sheriff Eric Higgins was something Mason Abraham AKA Mayham could not help but appreciate. Part of the organization called Young Vice Lord, he claimed to be someone who enjoyed chaos and referred to himself as “crazy.” He added that he was pretty protective over those he considered family, including his mother and daughter. During his time on the show, he had been charged with capital murder.

Mayham clarified that if he fought the charge against him, he would either be sentenced to life or given the death penalty, neither of which seemed like options he was willing to consider. This was primarily because he did not want to be absent from his daughter’s life. As such, he seemed content with making his life in detention as comfortable as possible and, hopefully, being back with his daughter. Needless to say, he was more than happy to enjoy any semblance of freedom that the experiment seemed to provide.

As such, Mayham did not get along with those who wanted to place their own rules and regulations. His disagreement primarily was with people like Randy “True Story” Randall, who thought that the younger inmates were not taking the experiment seriously and might risk their time outside of cells by being reckless. In contrast, Mayham felt like the older generation was trying to take on a leadership role even though everyone was the same in the unit when it came to hierarchy. This meant that he often found himself arguing with those who had been trying to implement additional rules.

In fact, Mayham was of the opinion that everyone should let each other live however they wanted. As time progressed, he seemed to realize that without any semblance of organization, there were some who took things to the extreme. Despite his frustration with True Story’s attempts at leadership, Mayham did respect the man for always ensuring that everyone got food. Towards the end of the experiment, he even spoke openly about how he respected the older inmates and their attempts at keeping things in line and ensuring that their newfound freedom was not jeopardized. In the end, his mantra was a simple one: do things that you want but do not get caught doing things that you shouldn’t.

Mason Abraham AKA Mayham is Awaiting Trial Today

Since his time on the Netflix show, Mason Abraham, AKA Mayham, has been waiting for a trial. He continues to be a resident of Pulaski County Detention Facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is still facing the charge of capital murder. As it turns out, Mayham is being investigated for his role in the homicide that took place on October 18, 2022, at 1400 Leander Drive in Little Rock. The victim was a 32-year-old man called Broderick Bluford, who was found wounded with a gun and was rushed to a hospital, though he passed away due to his injuries.

Not much later, on October 24, 2022, Mayham was arrested in connection to the murder at the age of 20. A man named Ferrod McCoy was also detained as a suspect in the case on the same day. About to turn 22 on April 17, 2022, Mayham cannot be bonded out at the moment. His stay at the Pulaski County Detention Facility will likely continue until his trial or sentence is decided. Until then, he will likely remain a part of the H-Unit.

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