Randy Randall AKA True Story: Unlocked Participant is a Mentor Today

Randy Randall, AKA True Story, is one of the many individuals who were part of Netflix’s ‘Unlocked: A Jail Experiment.’ The unique experiment made him highly proactive, though it also resulted in his relationship with some other inmates becoming worse. Like many others, the process proved to be a learning experience for True Story, with him finding his own footing in the community that had formed in the H-Unit of Pulaski County Detention Facility.

Randy Randall AKA True Story Took on a Leadership Role

While most inmates of Pulaski County Detention Facility’s H-unit had to stay in their cells for 23 hours a day, things were different from Randy “True Story” Randall from the very start. He had taken on the duty of distributing food trays to other residents of the unit, which meant that he was allowed much more free time than others. He also seemed to have a healthy respect for the Deputies in charge and did not like those whom he considered to be “disrespectful.”

When it was revealed to the inmates that they would soon be getting much more free reign over their lives, True Story wanted to take a proactive role in ensuring that no one jeopardized the chance given to them. Hence, he talked to people like Squirrel and Krisna Piro Clarke (AKA Tiny) in order to make a power block that would keep things in control. Particularly, True Story was afraid that the younger inmates would become too rowdy.

On the flip side, the younger inmates did not appreciate True Story’s attempts at policing their behavior. They seemed to resent that he was implementing rules when there were none, though they did have respect for him, especially because he always ensured that everyone got their food. That is not to say that True Story did not find himself being resented by people like David Miller. However, he remained resolute on his path of leadership until one memorable day when he got involved in an altercation with Tiny over extra trays of food.

Frustrated that his attempts at leadership were only being met with accusations and resentment, True Story decided to take a step back. Though this certainly led to a more disorganized life for the inmates, he did not return to his role as a leader. He did seem wary when new members were introduced to the unit but remained resolutely away from taking back any responsibility, even though he was afraid that the new dynamics might lead to heightened tensions.

This was until the ultimatum given by Sheriff Eric Higgins, with him asking everyone why the experiment should continue. During the discussion that followed, True Story once again became more involved in the unit’s affairs. He was even able to resolve his past feud with Chauncey Young. True Story soon realized that more than a leader, the younger inmates needed a mentor, a role he was happy to fulfill in order to better their lives and his own.

Randy Randall AKA True Story is Now a Mentor

Having learned some valuable lessons during the experiment that was initiated by Sheriff Eric Higgins, Randy “True Story” Randall has become someone who wants to lead the younger generation towards a better life. Not only does he seem to be working on himself, but he has also taken the chance to make good use of the respect that those around him have for him. He has also identified himself as a firm supporter of the experiment that the Netflix show was all about, pointing out it had helped many inmates grow in a way they would not have had things remained the way they always had been.

As of writing, True Story is still a resident of the Pulaski County Detention Facility. He was sentenced to ten years in prison on January 22, 2024, for 2nd-degree Domestic Battery, having been noted as a habitual offender. As per his punishment, he would be eligible for parole on April 9, 2026, and he is presently waiting to be shifted to a different facility. Given his past incarcerations, both in Arkansas and Missouri, True Story’s history with law enforcement is a complicated one, though he does seem to have learned many lessons in recent times.

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