David Syring: Where is Taylor Syring’s Dad Now?

In October 2012, David Syring received the devastating news that his son, Taylor Syring, had drowned while at the beach with his stepmother, Laura Day. The incident seemed inexplicable to him, and the situation grew even more perplexing when Laura was initially arrested on charges of child endangerment, followed by charges of capital murder. David had suspicions about his second wife’s criminal past but believed her denials. In ABC News’ ’20/20′ episode ‘Wave of Deceit,’ David shares his harrowing experience and the emotional turmoil he faced when his wife was convicted of his 6-year-old son’s murder.

David Syring’s Son Died Two Months After His Second Marriage

David Syring and his wife Kelly had built a comfortable home together. They welcomed their son, Taylor Syring, in 2006, and Kelly’s older son from a previous relationship was also like a son to David. The family lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, but troubles began to emerge over the years. In 2012, David met a young woman named Laura Lee Day. By May 2012, he was having an extramarital affair with her. He explained that Laura was also experiencing marital issues, and they found understanding and comfort in each other.

In the same month, Kelly and David divorced. Kelly included a clause in their settlement stipulating that David would not introduce their son Taylor to another woman unless he married her. In a rush of feelings and envisioning a future together, David married Laura in August 2012. He arranged for his son to spend weekends with him and his new wife. The months passed quietly and peacefully, but David received a call on the evening of October 5, 2012. His son had been brought to the hospital after drowning at the beach and had passed away.

Taylor had gone to the beach with Laura, who took him to the hospital after the incident. Initially, the police charged her with child endangerment, and she was arrested but posted bail and returned home to David. He noticed that she was acting differently and hastily, sensing that something was wrong. When the evidence suggesting she had orchestrated the murder came to light, David was beyond astonished. He had never imagined that the woman he loved would kill his son out of jealousy.

David Syring Took Time to Come to Terms With the Murder

When Laura Day was convicted of murder in 2013, it was hard for David Syring to believe. He trusted her when she said it was an accident and that she was being targeted. However, as time passed and he spent time away from her, he had the chance to look at the evidence objectively and understood she was culpable. He also remembered that a week before his son died, he had come across some information on the internet showing Laura being involved in a series of crimes, including the alleged murder of an ex-boyfriend.

David confronted Laura about the information he had found online, and she said it was not her. He chose to believe her at the time. However, as years passed and her story about what transpired that day diverged from the evidence, he realized she was guilty. The two eventually divorced, and although Laura tried to stay in touch and texted him regularly, David stopped responding to her in 2019. Reflecting on what had transpired, he said, “I believe that this is probably the worst punishment for her. To be in prison. She has never apologized. She has never said sorry for what she’s done. I feel so stupid to have been this naive and to have stuck by her as long as I did.”

David Syring is a Truck Driver Today

Losing his son has been extraordinarily hard for David Syring. He often shares Taylor’s pictures on his social media, remembering him in every way possible. David still lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is a Sun Coast Resources Inc truck driver. Despite the immense pain, he has managed to build a semblance of normalcy around him, returning to the life he was living before the tragedy. He focuses on his work, finds solace in the routines of daily life, and maintains connections with friends and family who support him.

David Syring Derives Pleasure From Simple Moments

In May 2024, David decided to take a break from his routine and went to Mexico for a much-needed vacation. This getaway provided a brief respite from his daily struggles, allowing him to recharge and find peace. June 2024 brought another surprise when the neighboring Hooter’s restaurant reopened. His celebration of this event showed how much he enjoys the place and likes going there with his friends. His sense of humor is also apparent in how he talks to his friends, often sharing lighthearted moments and jokes with them.

In addition to these small joys, David has a passion for motorcycles and often shares his enthusiasm for them. Despite the difficulties, his resilience shines through as he continues to find ways to enjoy life. His dog, Joker, has been a faithful ally and made life easier for him. His ability to move forward while carrying this grief is a testament to his strength and the profound love he had for his son.

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