David Wise: What Happened to the Sex Offender?

Image Credit: True Crime Daily/YouTube

David Wise believed he could get away with drugging his wife, Mandy Boardman, with a cocktail of Xanax and Ambien and raping her while she was unconscious. However, when Mandy found the sexual abuse videos on David’s phone, she immediately filed for divorce and was determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? Marriage of Mass Destruction’ chronicles the horrific ordeal Mandy Boardman went through and portrays the aftermath of the incident.

Who is David Wise?

David Wise and Mandy Boardman had a whirlwind romance, and it did not take long for them to marry and settle in Indianapolis, Indiana. They even enjoyed a few years of blissful married life and welcomed two wonderful children into this world. Sources mentioned that, like most couples, David and Mandy felt the stress and pressure of raising two kids, making them temporarily grow apart. Yet, Mandy insisted they still had a seemingly healthy relationship and an active sex life.

Image Credit: True Crime Daily/YouTube

Incidentally, around 2008, Mandy began experiencing temporary memory loss and blamed it on her health. However, the situation got stranger as she often found herself waking up naked or with a pill in her mouth. Since the mother of two was confident she did not take off her clothes or ingest medicine on her own accord, she wondered if she was sleepwalking. However, even a complete medical checkup could not find anything wrong. Things eventually started to make sense when Mandy found David peering over her with a flashlight one night.

Mandy even saw David clutching a vial and realized her husband was feeding her a mixture of Xanax and Ambien so that he could take uninterrupted rest. Although David promised not to repeat his actions after that night, sources claimed that Mandy caught him red-handed several times. Besides, the mother of two alleged that she would wake up with a medicinal aftertaste in her mouth, while her drinks would often feel weird. However, the incident boiled over when Mandy checked her husband’s phone one day and found videos of him sexually abusing her unconscious self.

The videos naturally shocked the mother of two, and when David refused to pay heed to her allegations, the two decided to confirm their divorce in 2009. Following the separation, Mandy tried her best to put the incident behind herself but soon realized they shared joint custody of their children. Moreover, apart from wanting to hold her ex-husband responsible for his misdeeds, Mandy did not want their daughter anywhere near a sex offender. Hence, she ultimately took the matter to court and filed for complete custody of their children.

Where is David Wise Now?

Once Mandy filed an official complaint and submitted the videos as proof, authorities arrested David Wise and charged him with rape. When presented in court, David insisted on his innocence and pled not guilty to the charges against him. Although the case stretched on for three years, the jury believed otherwise and convicted David on a single count of rape as well as five counts of criminal deviant conduct. However, Mandy’s nightmare did not end there, as the judge surprisingly sentenced David to eight years of house arrest and two years of probation in 2014.

Besides, David even asked his ex-wife to forgive her attacker. Nevertheless, he violated the terms of his house arrest just a month into his sentence, and the judge handed him a 5-year prison sentence in July 2014. However, due to David’s good behavior, he earned early parole in early 2015. Today, with David yet to complete his original sentence, he currently remains under house arrest in Indiana and will have to serve two years of probation after release.

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