Does Point No Point Lighthouse in Port Townsend Really Exist?

The fourth episode of Netflix’s supernatural series ‘Dead Boy Detectives,’ titled ‘The Case of the Lighthouse Leapers,’ revolves around Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland’s efforts to discover what’s wrong with the lighthouse at Point No Point. After a series of supposed suicides, the two detectives discover that there is a sea monster, living near the lighthouse, which manipulates the visitors to eat them. Even though the lighthouse is in Port Townsend in the show, the one we see in the episode is not even located in the state of Washington. Still, the lighthouse is a major tourist spot as the series presents!

The Point No Point Lighthouse is Fictional

There isn’t a navigational aid named Point No Point Lighthouse in Port Townsend, Washington. Although there is a Point Wilson lighthouse in the city, it doesn’t have any connection to the one we see in the show. Point No Point is a lighthouse in Hansville, Washington, over forty miles from Port Townsend. However, the lighthouse featured in the series is not this one either. Sheringham Point Lighthouse, located at 1 Sheringham Point Road in Shirley, a hamlet on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, stands in for Point No Point Lighthouse in ‘Dead Boy Detectives.’ The navigational aid was built in 1912 after SS Valencia, an iron-hulled passenger steamer that operated between Venezuela and New York City, was wrecked off the west coast of Vancouver Island, killing around a hundred people.

Sheringham Point is a National Heritage Lighthouse protected and operated by the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society. It is also one of the lighthouses in the region that can be accessed by land. It guides the sailors who pass through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Salish Sea’s main outlet to the Pacific Ocean. The trails in the lighthouse area offer tourists captivating views of the establishment. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of the West Coast ecosystem by reaching the lighthouse through the Sheringham Community Park trail.

The lighthouse is nearly 167 kilometers away from Cambie Street, where the store that doubles as the “Tongue & Tail” butcher shop is located. The show’s writers must have used the name “Point No Point Lighthouse” to place the lighthouse in the detective comedy near Port Townsend, the primary setting. This lighthouse in Hansville is significantly smaller than the one in Shirley, and people cannot fall straight to the sea from the former, as the series depicts. Thus, the production team had to rely on another lighthouse to shoot the fourth episode.

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