Dead Mount Death Play Episode 2 Recap: The New World

In ‘Dead Mount Death Play’ episode 2 titled ‘The New World,’ Polka regrets accidentally killing Misaki and decides to revive her. However, he is so focused on the task that he does not realize when Lisa and her men surround him with their guns pointed at him. But the Corpse God shows no fear of them and to their surprise offers to help when he learns that some kids are caught in a building fire.

Polka Saves People From Fire

A long time ago, all that the Corpse God desired was peace but that seemed inevitable because of constant conflict and violence. However, he used his incredible powers to fight back against his enemies and waited for a warrior who could eventually slay him. When that day finally arrived, his secret art of reincarnation succeeded. Now that he is born in the modern world as Polka Shinoyama, he feels that he cannot let himself die especially when he does not even what’s happening.

As he looks at Misaki’s dead body, Polka cannot keep calm as he did not realize that one stab wound would kill her. He does not wish to run away as the law enforcement authorities will inevitably start a manhunt which will mean that the peaceful life he desires will remain just a dream. When Misaki was just a young girl, her parents were murdered right in front of her. That memory stuck with her and she ended up becoming an unhinged killer who was feared by everyone. She eventually avenged her parent’s death by killing their murderer.

So when she was asked by Lisa to kill Polka, she felt it was a nice challenge as she wanted to find out how messed up she was. Interestingly she did not feel bad even for a single moment when she stuck Polka in the neck with a metal rod. Shortly after injuring him, she decided she needed to do just one more thing and that was to try and take her own life. Just when she was about to jump to her death, she got a call from Takumi, who informed her that Polka was surprisingly still alive.

When Misaki went to kill Polka again, she was murdered by him in the process. However, Polka managed to use his magic to revive her. She was quite shocked when she opened her eyes but when the duo looked around, they realized that they were surrounded by Lisa and her armed men. Lisa checked Misaki and realized that she had no pulse. That’s when the Corpse God clarified that she is like a zombie at the moment. Polka was not yet done and he put Misaki to sleep again so that he can treat her completely.

Lisa did not trust him at all but Polka warned her men that he could easily kill them all if he wanted. That’s when Takumi shares a video of a fire at a building nearby that has many children living in it. Polka offers to help to everyone’s surprise. Takumi guides him to the building and with the help of the dead parent’s souls, the Corpse God manages to save everyone.

Does Polka Accept Lisa’s Offer to Work Together?

After Polka a.k.a the Corpse God saves the lives of children from the fire, he escapes but could not manage to avoid getting caught on camera. Some of the videos from the event become viral on the internet. As Takumi looks at those visuals on Twitter, he cannot help but feel conflicted about Polka’s duality. He feels that Polka is quite strange considering the fact that he was playing with Misaki’s life moments earlier and all of a sudden showed immense sympathy towards children caught in fire- whom he ended up saving.

Takumi cannot really figure him out and struggles to guess what he is thinking. However, he does feel that he is a sort of monster that everyone should steer clear of. Lisa has been overhearing his perspective on the matter and agrees with him. But then she mentions that Misaki is waking up and asks Takumi to hurry up to the building. After she is finally awake and looks perfectly healthy, Lisa notices Polka wondering that children still suffer in a city so advanced. As he talks about peace, Lisa inquires about his version of the idea and then mentions that he will need money to achieve that goal.

But when she asks about his future plans in more concrete terms, Polka mentions that he wants to use his magical abilities as a necromancer to achieve power and a place where he truly belongs so that he can live in a state of undisturbed peace. Lisa listens carefully and then offers to lend him a helping hand. She even tells Polka that she will make Misaki and Takumi work for him. Eventually, Polka will decide to take that offer and start his journey to understand the modern world that he now inhabits and slowly increase his influence.

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