Dead Mount Death Play Episode 3 Recap: The Necromancer

In ‘Dead Mount Death Play’ episode 3 titled ‘The Necromancer,’ Polka begins to plan his roadmap to a peaceful life so that he won’t be bothered in his life. He makes a deal with Clarissa which allows him to use one of her properties on the condition that she does not reveal the person’s name who actually paid to get Polka assassinated. Just when he is thinking about methods to earn money, he hears about a man who seeks Misaki’s help to protect himself from hitmen. Polka immediately convinces the man to let him work him unbeknownst to the fact that an unexpected surprise will be waiting for them when they go to accomplish their mission.

Polka Join Hands With Clarissa

After Misaki finally comes back to her senses, she reads the news from the previous day and is thrilled to learn that ghost-like figures were videotaped during the building fire where Polka saved the orphans. Takumi is curious if she is okay hanging out with the person who really killed her. Interestingly, Misaki feels that the present situation is quite exciting, which is not surprising considering the fact that she is a deranged serial killer who was about to take her own life before she was killed and later revived by the Corpse God.

Meanwhile, Polka is still trying to understand the present world he is in and reads as much as possible about it. During his conversation with Takumi, he reveals that he plans to ensure that he leads a peaceful life by figuring out who actually paid for him to be assassinated. Only Clarissa was in touch with that person and she refused to reveal that person’s identity on the condition that he lets Polka use a floor in one of her properties and not accept any more contracts to kill him.

Polka does not mind investigating the situation on his own and is keeping the option to force Clarissa into revealing the truth as his last resort. He also tells Takumi about his previous life and is honest about everything. However, he is eager to learn how he could put his powers to use and earn money. Luckily, that’s when a man requests Misaki’s help to save him from hitmen. The Corpse God immediately accepts the assignment and later that day, they visit the location to execute their mission. But Misaki is suddenly ambushed and is twice by one of the men while she is busy fighting other gang members.

When they turn their attention to Polka, he reveals that Misaki is now a zombie and therefore cannot die. The two of them fight together to take out every single gang member. Eventually, the Corpse God uses his giant skeleton body to crush all of them in a giant ball of mud. The show then introduces Tsubaki and Kozaburo, two detectives who are primarily involved in supernatural cases. Meanwhile, Polka tells Misaki that her bites now have a paralyzing effect. Naturally, she is quite eager to use it and bites Polka’s shoulder after which he slumps to the ground.

Does Polka Kill the Gang Members?

After the effects of paralysis finally wear off, Polka wakes up from sleep and continues to discuss random things with Takumi. They even briefly consider the idea that there is a possibility that the world that Corpse God came from and the one he is now are probably connected in some manner. Meanwhile, Misaki is still excited about putting the paralysis effect of her bites to good use.

Polka believes that she uses it more often now. That’s when Takumi reminds him about the gang members he just killed. But to his surprise, the Corpse God reveals that those men are still alive and he only incapacitated them. His commitment to not taking lives leaves Takumi dumbfounded. However, Polka also mentions the fact that the gang members won’t be able to take any lives in the future. Elsewhere, Tsubaki and Kouzaburo are summoned by the police to look at the crime because of the obvious occultic evidence there.

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