Where is Deadwind Filmed?

‘Deadwind’ is a Finnish crime drama that adopts a nordic noir approach in telling the story of a crime that unravels a lot of secrets. The protagonist of the show is a woman named Sofia, who is reeling from the loss of her husband’s death. She lives with her step-daughter and her son in Helsinki, and goes back to work two months after the tragedy, which is considered too soon by some of her colleagues.

The series opens with Sofia arriving on a crime scene to discover the dead body of a woman. As the episodes unfold, we discover more conflicts in Sofia’s life while the skeletons in the closet of the victim as well as the people related to her come to the fore. The show also strikes us with the beautiful backdrops that portray the harshness of nature alongside the cruelty of humans. If you want to know where ‘Deadwind’ was filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is Deadwind filmed?

The crimes depicted in ‘Deadwind’ send a chill down one’s spine but the cold, harsh surroundings in which these acts take place and are investigated also create a chilling environment. To bring this feeling to the screen, the crew of the show settled on the capital of Finland, Helsinki. While the city provided a beautiful setting, it also presented many challenges during the filming process. The cold weather that defines its snow-clad surroundings proved to be the biggest challenge while shooting the scenes.

When you see the characters on the screen shivering in cold, they really are, due to the weather. At first, the showrunners tried to find a way to go around the weather, but then, eventually, decided to make it a part of the story. While the crew had to go to work in the biting cold, it also turned out very well for the show as they captured some beautiful views, while also using the wintry nights to explore a different side of the city as well as the story. According to the showrunners, it also added an emotional edge that gives more depth to the show.

Helsinki, Finland

The story of ‘Deadwind’ takes place in the wintry landscape of Helsinki. The city covered in a white sheet of snow brings out the gruesomeness of the crimes and the conspiracies that take place in its shadows. To tell a good old Nordic noir with the touch of the Finnish soul, Helsinki presented itself as the most suitable option of all.

The crew was spotted filming all over the city, as most of the scenes take place outside. The production set camp in several neighborhoods around the city. Some scenes were filmed in Hietalahti. For some episodes, they also turned towards Meriturva. Several locations in the Uusimaa region also feature in the show. The crew also filmed some underwater scenes in the Maritime Safety Training Center in Lohja.


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