Dean and Kelly Wilking: Where are Miranda Derrick’s Parents Now?

As Dean and Kelly Wilking shared in Netflix’s ‘Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ they feel like they have lost a daughter. The proud parents of two girls running a viral YouTube channel saw things take a turn for the worse when their eldest, now Miranda Derrick, started working with the 7M Films talent agency and allegedly cut them off from her life. They took to social media to voice their concerns about her well-being, believing she might be a victim of a cult led by Robert Shinn. This sparked momentum both outside and within the group, raising many questions about the credibility of their claims and the true nature of 7 M’s activities.

Who are Dean and Kelly Wilking?

Dean and Kelly Wilking settled in Michigan and began raising a family when their eldest daughter, Miranda, was born in 1997. Two years later, in 1999, their younger daughter Melanie joined the family, bringing them unbounded joy. They raised their daughters with a lot of love, instilling family values and the importance of supporting each other in times of need. This strong bond is why Melanie followed Miranda to Los Angeles, and together, they started their YouTube channel. The success of the channel was a proud moment for their parents.

Image Credit: Dean Wilking/Facebook

Soon, they flew to LA, where they noticed that the Miranda they knew had changed entirely. Melanie had informed them that her elder sister had left the YouTube channel and worked exclusively with 7M influencers. She also shared details about some strange practices within the group, such as mandatory religious meetings. Concerns heightened when they learned that Miranda had been absent for extended periods, often using the car she shared with Melanie. The biggest shock came when they discovered that Miranda had married James in September 2021 in Las Vegas without informing them.

In February 2022, the parents made a bold move by conducting a live video chat through Melanie’s Instagram page, during which they openly alleged that 7M was operating as a cult and exploiting its members, including Miranda. They had connected with families of other members who shared similar experiences of isolation and distancing. Dean and Kelly appealed to the viewers to encourage Miranda to initiate contact with them, as they claimed she had blocked all communication. The video gained significant attention, with leading publications picking up the story and scrutinizing the authenticity of the allegations.

Miranda responded to the statements made by her family by alleging that her decision to cut off communication was due to a disagreement between them. She claimed that her parents had attempted to have her husband arrested based on his race and had also physically restrained her when she went to collect her belongings from their house. However, these claims were never substantiated or proven.

Dean and Kelly Wilking are a Part of Miranda’s Life Today

Dean and Kelly Wilking have established their home in Macomb, Michigan, where they continue to cherish their daughters equally. Despite the challenges in their relationship, they have consistently remembered and celebrated Miranda on every birthday and holiday. Kelly, a graduate of Wayne State University, is presently employed at Warren Consolidated Schools and recently appeared in a dance video posted by Miranda on her social media profile.

The couple has warmly welcomed Melanie’s husband, Austin Ekeler, into their family. Their love for each other remains strong, as evidenced by their celebration of their 28th anniversary on July 22, 2023, with plans to spend their future side by side. In addition to supporting their daughters’ careers, Dean and Kelly enjoy leisure activities such as fishing and trips to national parks whenever they have time. The parents have not overlooked Miranda’s difficult circumstances and firmly believe that she is being manipulated and exploited.

Dean and Kelly Wilking are skeptical of the authenticity of Miranda’s statements, suspecting that most of what she communicates may not truly reflect her thoughts. Seeking solidarity with others facing similar challenges, they actively reach out to individuals experiencing similar situations, aiming to navigate the complexities of their predicament together. While they have been advised against acquiescing to Miranda’s requests to refrain from discussing 7M, they grapple with the fear of losing contact with her again. Recognizing the arduous path ahead, they remain steadfast in their commitment to advocate for Miranda’s well-being, prepared to persevere in their fight.

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