Isaiah Shinn: Robert Shinn’s Son is a Film Director Today

Image Credit: Isaiah Shinn/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ gathers individuals who have been connected to Robert Shinn, the founder of the Shekinah Church, in various ways. Some former members of the church allege they experienced physical, financial, and sexual abuse at Shinn’s hands. Additionally, TikTok dance influencers and their family members claim that similar behavior patterns persist through 7M Films, a talent agency also run by Shinn. Many have also spoken about Shinn’s son, Isaiah Shinn, who is actively involved in the church and the talent agency and works as a videographer. Despite the numerous allegations against him and his family, no charges or official reports have been filed against them.

Isaiah Shinn is Being Sued as a Co-Conspirator

There is little known about Isaiah Shinn’s childhood other than he is the son of Robert Shinn and was born on May 10, 1995. Information about his mother is absent. It can be assumed that he observed his father leading the Shekinah Church from a young age. He was always inclined toward filmmaking and videography, knowing that this was the path he wanted to pursue. When his father decided to venture into filmmaking, it provided a significant opportunity for Isaiah. In 2014, he began his career as a producer and director for short films such as ‘Limits’ and ‘Old Wounds.’

Image Credit: Isaiah Shinn/YouTube

Isaiah soon found his niche as a videographer, contributing to notable projects like a music video for Billie Eilish. He even directed episodes of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and ‘Today’ in 2020. However, in 2021, with the founding of 7M Films, Isaiah truly had the opportunity to showcase his talents. He began working extensively with TikTok dancers, and his distinctive editing and cinematography quickly gained attention, drawing more talent to the agency. Allegations of cult-like practices within the group emerged in 2022 following a live open chat by the parents of dancer Miranda Derrick, who claimed their daughter was involved in a cult.

In March 2023, several former dancers filed a lawsuit against Robert Shinn, 7M Films, and named Isaiah a co-conspirator. He is identified as a “mentor” in the lawsuit, with numerous allegations claiming he directly benefited from the earnings of the dancers through the talent agency, using the money for luxury expenses. He is also charged with Aiding and Abetting Breach of Voluntary Fiduciary Duty and accused of Unjust Enrichment, as former members claim he misappropriated their income for personal use. Additionally, one member accused him of posting her dance videos on his channel without compensating her.

Where is Isaiah Shinn Now?

Isaiah Shinn is a film director and is associated with 7M Films. He maintains a popular Instagram and YouTube channel where he shares his videos and work, most involving 7M influencers. His diverse portfolio encompasses music videos, dance videos, TV shows, and fashion photography. He has also done photography for brands like Still Tech. In 2023, his short film ‘Radical Kingdom’ was released, showcasing his talents as a cinematographer, producer, and director. The film’s acceptance into a film festival marked a significant achievement for Isaiah.

Outside work, Isaiah is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hiking, trekking, and rowing. He proudly climbed El Capitan in California in 2023 and took skiing holidays in Big Bear, California, in February 2024, combining work with leisure. He shares vlogs of these adventures on his YouTube channel, which boasts over 3.5 million subscribers. Additionally, he is an avid NBA fan, often finding time to attend games and cheer for his favorite players.

The lawsuit and charges against Isaiah have not led to any legal consequences. Despite the allegations, he continues to reside in California, where he remains prolific, shooting over a thousand reels annually. He has not publicly addressed the allegations and is frequently seen spending time with his friends, primarily influencers working for 7M.

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