Dean Stott: Where is Ex-SBS British Special Forces Officer Now?

As a reality documentary series revolving around three veterans as they train alongside some of the world’s most elite military units, Netflix’s ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’ is truly unlike any other. That’s because it offers us an inside look into both the specialized tactics and weaponry of such regiments simply to underscore the unwavering hard work they put in to keep their civilians safe. Though if we’re being honest, it was veteran Dean Stott from the British Special Forces to have intrigued us the most throughout this original owing to the assured way he always carried himself.

Dean Stott Served in the Military For 16 Years

It was reportedly back when Dean was just a young boy that he first developed an interest in the forces as he was born into an army family, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. The truth is his initial dream was to pursue a career as a fireman, yet that changed the moment his father made a comment regarding how he wasn’t strong enough to last two minutes in the military. The latter may have been joking, but he took it so seriously that he overcame his childhood traumas — stemming from the constant moving around plus instability — to ultimately enlist in February 1995.

According to reports, Dean’s hard work was such that he gradually managed to evolve into a commando before moving on to perform as a commando instructor and then proudly joining the Special Forces. He actually even held the position of a paratrooper while serving alongside Duke of Sussex Prince Harry prior to being a part of the elite Special Bo at Service (SBS; UK version of the Navy SEALS). But alas, it all came crashing down for him once he met with a freak accident in 2010 — his knee injury was so severe there was no choice but for him to be honorably medically discharged in June 2011.

“My leg got caught in a line above my head,” Dean once candidly told People, recalling the mid-air incident that changed his life. “I was trying to kick my leg free before the parachute opened and I couldn’t. So, the parachute pulled my leg up over my head and to my right.” He did somehow manage to land on the other leg, but he’d torn several ligaments and muscles. “We had an MRI scan the next day, my friends flew off to Afghanistan and I had to pick up my whole rehab process,” which is when he knew his distinguished military career was coming to an end following 16 years of active, unwavering service.

Nevertheless, owing to everything Dean gave to his nation, he is often still publicly recognized as not just Prince Harry’s friend but also one of the very first army members to join the Special Boat Service. After all, he used to conduct deployments to hostile overseas environments, was involved in several counterterrorism operations across the globe, plus used to truly follow their ethos of “the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.” Coming to his continued friendship with Prince Harry — Dean was even invited to his wedding with Meghan Markle — he once simply said, “I never saw Harry as a member of the royal family but as a soldier and officer. I really got to see the Harry people haven’t seen. That’s how we bonded.”

Dean Stott is Now a Security Consultant and Public Figure

While it is true that Dean continues to live by the British Special Forces ethos even today, he has since permanently relocated to California and established a renowned career in the private security sector. As per records, he has never been afraid to take up any job, no matter the level of danger involved, which is how he has even faced civil war, extortion, kidnapping, pirates, as well as military coups. He admittedly thrives under such circumstances, so of course, this ‘Relentless’ (2019 memoir) author still serves as the Global Security Director at his organization, all the while also being a passionate campaigner for mental health.

We should mention that apart from being a world-leading expert in risk and security consultancy, Dean is a motivational speaker too — he talks at corporate engagements as well as private events while also often organizing and leading bespoke team expeditions. Furthermore, as an adventurer plus passionate cyclist, he cycled the entire 14,000-mile length of the Pan-American Highway (PAH) and finished with two world records in May 2018. “The Frogman” actually holds the records for being the fastest person to cycle the length of South America and the fastest cycle journey on the Pan American Highway at 99 days, 12 hours, and 56 minutes. It’s also imperative to note that despite his every success, the title he arguably loves the most is that of a family man; after all, he’s a happily married father of three.

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