Death and Other Details: Is Hilde Eriksen Imogene’s Mom? How is She Alive?

Hulu’s ‘Death and Other Details’ begins with a mysterious death on a ship. It soon turns out that this bloodshed is related to another murder that happened eighteen years ago when young Imogene saw her mother being blown to bits when her car exploded. The death of Kira Scott had been a huge sore not just for Imogene but also for Rufus Cotesworth, the greatest detective in the world, who was hired to solve the case. When he hit a dead end, he was asked to let go of it. But he didn’t, and it took him eighteen years to discover enough about the person who may be behind Kira’s death. In the end, Imogene finds the answer to this mystery but is shocked by what she discovers. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Really Happened to Imogene’s Mother?

Kira Scott worked for Laurence Collier, and things had been going fine until she discovered proof of the Colliers’ corruption. The discovery of the use of Captionem Blue and how it had ruined many lives led Kira to decide to be a whistleblower. She reached out to Celia Chun and convinced her to be a witness, but the prosecutor, Alexandra Hochenberg, refused to take any further action on the grounds of not having enough evidence.

It isn’t until much later that Kira figures out that Alexandra is in the pocket of the Colliers and is already burying the case. By reaching out to her, Kira exposed herself, and this was when the Colliers decided to do away with her. Laurence Collier made a call to have Kira dealt with, but the explosion wasn’t the first time he tried to kill her. In fact, the same day that she’d met Celia in the Opal Diner, she was attacked by a man who almost killed her. This was when Kira realized that she would die sooner or later if she didn’t act soon.

Kira tried to find a way out of the country for herself and her daughter, Imogene. However, her contact told her that it would be much more difficult for her to make that journey with a kid. Children aren’t exactly made for journeys like this, so they don’t take jobs for people with children. Because there was no other way out, Kira decided to go it alone. It was with a heavy heart, but she had to leave Imogene behind, and she had to make things look such that no one would question her death. She would be dead for the entire world, including her own daughter.

So, Kira rigged her own car. She left behind the DNA in the form of her two teeth, as it would confirm that the person in the car was undoubtedly her. Imogene unexpectedly joined her in the car, but Kira sent her away under the pretense of returning something. Once the girl had her back to her, Kira quickly got out of the car and hid inside another vehicle that would transport her to the next point of her journey. As soon as she was out of range, she flicked the switch, and the car exploded.

Kira Scott Got Her Revenge on the Colliers

Once Kira was safe and out of the Colliers’ reach, she tried to make them pay for their actions. She leaked the evidence against them, but it didn’t do any good because the Colliers were too powerful, and they buried everything before anyone could do anything with it. This was when Kira realized she was helpless and that all the rich in the world were getting their way simply because they could. She could never change a thing unless she changed her approach.

It took her eighteen years to create something that would eventually lead the Colliers and a lot of other people to answer for their crimes. In doing so, Kira became a criminal, too, but that didn’t matter to her anymore. She’d left her daughter behind for all this, so, she thought, she’d better dedicate herself to the task. Meanwhile, Imogene became obsessed with her mother’s death. But in the end, when the truth finally came to light, she realized nothing was as it seemed. She was looking for the murderer that never existed because her mother had never really died.

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