Death and Other Details: 8 Similar Murder Mystery Shows You’ll Like

‘Death and Other Details’ is an intriguing mystery drama series available on Hulu, crafted by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams. The show revolves around Imogene Scott, who, caught in the midst of a locked-room murder mystery, becomes the prime suspect due to unfortunate circumstances. To vindicate herself, she must reluctantly join forces with Rufus Cotesworth, renowned as the world’s greatest detective. Set against the backdrop of a luxurious Mediterranean ocean liner filled with secretive and influential individuals, the duo must navigate a post-fact world to unravel the truth behind a murder that everyone on board seems to be concealing.

The gripping narrative explores the challenges of solving a murder in a world clouded by deception and hidden motives, emphasizing the pursuit of truth at any cost. Starring Mandy Patinkin and Violett Beane, the series is a blend of mystery and suspense. Check out these 8 shows weaved from the same thread as ‘Death and Other Details.’

8. Murderville (2022)

Murderville‘, crafted by Krister Johnson for Netflix, offers a unique blend of comedy and murder mystery. In this improvisational crime comedy, the eccentric detective Terry Seattle pairs up with clueless celebrity guest stars to tackle a series of murders, injecting humor into the investigation process. Drawing parallels with ‘Death and Other Details,’ ‘Murderville’ shares a theme of unconventional partnerships in solving mysteries. While ‘Death and Other Details’ explores a serious locked-room murder mystery, ‘Murderville’ takes a comedic approach, presenting a lighthearted and entertaining take on crime-solving through unexpected collaborations in a world filled with murder and mayhem.

7. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012-2015)

Created by Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger, ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ is an Australian series following the stylish and fearless Phryne Fisher, played by Essie Davis, as she solves crimes in 1920s Melbourne. With a mix of glamour, wit, and intrigue, Phryne navigates a world of murder and mystery. Drawing parallels with ‘Death and Other Details,’ both shows feature strong, charismatic protagonists solving intricate crimes. While ‘Miss Fisher’ exudes elegance in a historical setting, ‘Death and Other Details’ presents a contemporary locked-room mystery, but both captivate audiences with strong characters, engaging plotlines and a blend of suspense and mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

6. Agatha Christie’s Poirot (1989-2013)

Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated storytelling, ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ is a British television series based on the iconic detective Hercule Poirot, portrayed with finesse by David Suchet. Created by Clive Exton, the series impeccably adapts Agatha Christie’s classic novels, featuring Poirot’s brilliant deductive skills. Suchet’s portrayal brings depth and charisma to the character. In contrast to the contemporary setting of ‘Death and Other Details,’ ‘Poirot’ immerses viewers in the early to mid-20th century. Both series, however, share a commitment to intricate plotlines, intricate character development, and a love for unraveling mysteries, making them timeless classics in the detective genre.

5. Poker Face (2023-)

Poker Face,’ crafted by Rian Johnson, diverges into the crime comedy-drama genre, standing apart from the classic murder mystery setting of ‘Death and Other Details.’ Natasha Lyonne leads the series as Charlie Cale, a witty casino worker navigating a whirlwind of mysterious deaths while on the run. While ‘Death and Other Details’ explores the complexities of a locked-room murder, ‘Poker Face’ adopts a dynamic “case-of-the-week” structure, offering a lighter tone. Both shows, however, share an undercurrent of intrigue and suspense, weaving engaging narratives around unexpected protagonists caught in the web of mysterious deaths, showcasing the versatility of crime drama across different storytelling styles.

4. A Murder at the End of the World (2023)

In ‘A Murder at the End of the World,’ a psychological thriller miniseries by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij for FX, Emma Corrin takes on the role of Darby Hart, an amateur detective thrust into a chilling murder investigation at an isolated Arctic retreat in Iceland. As one of nine guests invited by a reclusive billionaire, Darby grapples with solving a murder amid competing interests. Drawing parallels with ‘Death and Other Details,’ both series highlight the complexities of murder mysteries, but ‘A Murder at the End of the World’ introduces an isolated setting, amplifying the suspense as Darby strives to unveil the truth before another life is claimed, creating a riveting narrative against the backdrop of an Arctic landscape.

3. The White Lotus (2021-)

Image Credit: Mario Perez/HBO

For fans of ‘Death and Other Details,’ ‘The White Lotus‘ offers a compelling watch with its shared exploration of complex characters and layered storytelling. Both shows immerse viewers in exclusive settings, unraveling mysteries within seemingly idyllic environments. Created by Mike White, ‘The White Lotus’ revolves around a luxurious Hawaiian resort, examining the intersecting lives of guests and staff. With a mix of satire and drama, the series delves into privilege, societal dynamics, and the unexpected twists that arise in seemingly paradise-like surroundings, providing a gripping and thought-provoking viewing experience.

2. Deadloch (2023)

Deadloch,’ an Australian crime mystery and black comedy series by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, presents a darkly humorous take on crime-solving. In Deadloch, a tranquil Tasmanian town, the discovery of a local man’s body on the beach disrupts its serene facade. Starring Kate Box, Madeleine Sami, Alicia Gardiner, and Nina Oyama, the series follows the dynamic duo of Dulcie Collins and Eddie Redcliffe, two mismatched female detectives investigating the case during the town’s Winter Festival. If you relished the intricate mysteries of ‘Death and Other Details,’ ‘Deadloch’ offers a refreshing blend of humor, distinctive characters, and a captivating small-town murder plot, making it an engaging watch for mystery enthusiasts.

1. Only Murders in the Building (2021-)

For aficionados of the intricate and unexpected, ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is a riveting show that echoes the suspenseful charm of ‘Death and Other Details.’ This darkly comedic gem, created by Steve Martin, Dan Fogelman, and John Hoffman, transcends the conventional crime narrative. Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as true-crime enthusiasts turned amateur detectives, the series blends humor with mystery as the trio investigates a murder in their upscale New York City apartment building. The show’s brilliance lies in its clever writing, charismatic ensemble cast, and seamless fusion of laughter and intrigue, ensuring a binge-worthy experience that resonates with fans of nuanced mysteries.

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