Are Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty From Bachelor in Paradise Still Together?

“Bachelor” franchise is famous for being the platform on which people meet the love of their lives. When they fail to find the right one on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”, ABC gives them a second or third chance on “Bachelor in Paradise”. Demi Burnett, the bold and outspoken girl who grabbed the audience’s attention since stepping down the ‘limo’, fought for Colton Underwood’s love. She got eliminated in the sixth week yet came back to its spin-off series and this time made history along with Kristian Haggerty by coming out as a bisexual. Are the women who proved themselves as trailblazers to the whole of America still together? Read on to find out about their beautiful journey on and off the show! 

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggert: Bachelor in Paradise Journey

The couple does not remember the exact day they met for the first time but can recall that Demi was introduced to Kristian co-incidentally. In 2019, she had gone to Los Angeles to meet her friend Catherine Agro and Kristian happened to be her roommate. The thing purely started as friendship as Demi was not completely sure of her “fluid” sexuality back then and so did not ponder over her strong feelings for long. She went back to shooting for her reality TV show, this time pursuing Derek Peth. After spending a few weeks, it became very clear to her that she had fallen hard for somebody back home and that too a girl. There was no way this could be accommodated within the show that followed certain dictums.

She ultimately ended her relationship with Derek and planned to quit the show soon. Chris Harrison, the show’s host, discerned her inner struggles and not just bent the rules for her but changed the game altogether. In order for her to be with the love of her life, Chris brought Kristian Haggerty on the show. This was the first time ever the audience witnessed a same-sex relationship and proposal. With this high note, the 6th season ended with Demi and Kristian happily engaged. Honored by the copious amount of support and love they received for the bold decision, they left Mexico to cherish their newfound romance.

Are Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty Still Together?

Demi adored and flaunted her Neil Lane ring that she wore when they left the “Bachelor in Paradise” after Kristian proposed to her. But soon after, their fans did not see them together anymore on their social media accounts. Demi was seen attending the show-related events alone and they could be seen spending most of their time apart. She also confesses about being a “brat” about not being the one to propose and feeling like Kristian stole her thunder. She takes the blame on herself and knows that things could not work out as planned as she remained distant and could not reciprocate Kristian’s feelings. On October 31, 2019, they shared similar-sounding posts on their respective Instagram accounts sharing the heart-breaking news with their fans that they had decided to call it quits. 

After making such amorous professions to each other, the couple sadly broke up only months later. Surprisingly, both took a really short time to move on to their next partners and their fans are having some difficulty absorbing this bit of information. Kristian has found love again in her new girlfriend Taylor Blake and finds utmost peace in the fact that she has her “heart”.

Demi has been on a roller coaster ride after calling off her short-lived engagement. She fell a little too hard for her now ex-boyfriend Slater Davis whom she dated for only four months. Some detect slight traces of hypocrisy and manipulative behavior in her actions. Her fans popularly believe that the relationship between Demi and her ex-fiance was nothing but a publicity stunt. It would be downright miserable if this really is the truth because so many people look up to her as their role model for being so courageous in love!

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