Devin Langford: Where is the Shooting Survivor Today?

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In November 2019, Devin Langford was ready to go with his mother and six siblings from La Mora, their home in Mexico, to attend a wedding in LeBaron, a nearby village. As part of a Mormon family that had established a tight-knit community in the area, Devin was accustomed to the company of his large family. It was on this journey that their convoy came under attack, resulting in the loss of Devin’s mother and two siblings. Devin and four of his siblings survived the ambush. In HBO Max’s ‘Massacre of the Mormons,’ Devin recounts the events of that day and shares how he continues to struggle with the loss of his mother and siblings.

Devin Langford was Unscathed After The Attack

Growing up in the close-knit Mormon community of La Mora, Devin Langford experienced a childhood filled with warmth and security. His family’s deep roots in the area provided stability, allowing Devin and his siblings to explore the sprawling landscapes without fear. With Dawna and David Langford as his parents, Devin embraced his role as one of the eldest siblings, nurturing a strong sense of responsibility towards his six brothers and sisters. As November 2019 approached, Devin eagerly anticipated the upcoming journey with his mother and siblings to LeBaron, where they planned to join relatives for a family wedding celebration.

Image Credit: ABC News/YouTube

On the morning of November 4, the Langford family started their journey from La Mora, aiming to reach their destination before nightfall. Accompanied by the families of Christina Langford and Rhonita Miller, who were also traveling to LeBaron for separate reasons, they set out together. However, their progress was halted when Rhonita’s car broke down shortly after they began their journey. Devin’s mother, Dawna, kindly offered to drive Rhonita back home, and they resumed their trip. On a dirt path, they saw Christina’s car halted in the middle with her lying next to it.

Devin’s mother tried getting out, but bullets pelted down upon them. She tried to start the car but was not able to. Devin, seated in the front, recalled how the younger children in the back of the vehicle instinctively sought refuge by throwing objects over themselves for protection. Devin ran and hid behind the bushes, waiting for the ambush to pass. Upon emerging, he discovered the devastating aftermath: his siblings were wounded, and two of them, 2-year-old Rogan and 11-year-old Trevor, had succumbed to their injuries inside the car. His mother, still at the wheel, remained motionless.

Devin and several older siblings attempted to transport the younger ones away from the site of the attack, concerned about the possibility of further danger. However, due to the injuries sustained, particularly to their legs, they were unable to move far. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Devin made a decision. Instructing his siblings to seek refuge under a nearby tree concealed by bushes, he urged them to remain there while he ventured out alone in search of assistance.

Devin Langford Now Remembers His Mother and Brothers Fondly

Devin Langford’s initial plan was to trek back home, but after he had walked about 14 miles, he encountered some of his other family members. Unable to articulate where he had left his siblings, he opted to accompany them back and guide them to the rest of the group. Despite struggling with dehydration, fear, and exhaustion himself, he assumed leadership of the situation and ensured the safety of his siblings. In subsequent interviews, he expressed his anxiety as he sprinted back, uncertain if another attack awaited them, yet recognizing it as the only viable course of action.

Devin’s courageous act garnered widespread recognition, being hailed as a hero not only by those who read about his bravery but also by his father, who commended Devin for risking his life to save his siblings. As of the last reports, Devin reunited with the rest of his family and was residing near Colorado City, Arizona, alongside 15-20 other families from La Mora. He finds solace in the support of his relatives and fondly remembers his mother and two brothers.

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