Did Bernie Kill Roxy’s Mother in The Power? Why?

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Prime Video’s ‘The Power‘ is set in a world where women become more powerful than men when they get the power to create electricity with their hands. The show explores the changes that happen in the world following the rise of EOD through the perspective of five women, one of whom is a teenager named Roxy Monke. The bastard child of London mob boss Bernie Monke, Roxy’s power develops the day her mother is killed. Two men enter their house and attack her mother while ensuring they don’t hurt Roxy.

It’s a traumatic experience for her, and she becomes obsessed with hunting down the men who did this to her mother. This leads her down a dark path, which ends in another death. In the eighth episode, Ricky reveals that their father gave the order for the hit. Why did Bernie do that? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Bernie Monke Orchestrates the Attack on Christina

Bernie Monke is one of the most powerful gangsters in London. He is well-connected and wields a lot of power over many influential people. This makes him and his family untouchable. Anyone who harms Bernie’s family would be inviting trouble upon themselves, and this isn’t something anyone can afford. It’s better not to mess with Bernie Monke. Roxy wholeheartedly believes in her father’s reputation, which is why it is difficult for her to understand why anyone would come after her mother.

Image Credit: Ludovic Robert/Prime Video

The attack occurs on the night of Bernie’s eldest son Ricky’s wedding. Because Roxy is Bernie’s illegitimate daughter, his wife doesn’t want her at the wedding. Roxy is well aware of her hatred and tends to stay out of her way, but she believes she has a better relationship with her brothers. However, Ricky tells Roxy that he didn’t want her there either. Considering that it was Ricky’s wedding, it would make sense that Bernie would want to do what Ricky wanted and not invite Roxy. However, he went against their wishes and made sure that Roxy would attend the wedding no matter what.

Ricky didn’t think of it much then and dismissed it as a sign of Bernie’s love for his daughter. However, he connected the dots when he learned about Roxy’s mother. It turns out that Bernie didn’t want his daughter at home that night. The only way to ensure that was to keep her busy at the wedding. However, he didn’t anticipate Roxy would lose interest and return home just when his minions would break into her house and attack her mother, Christina.

It is unimaginable for Roxy to believe that someone attacked her mother even though they knew who she was. However, when Ricky points out that their own father gave the order, things make much more sense. No one would dare cross Bernie Monke, so it makes sense that it was he who had Christina killed. It would also make sense why the killers didn’t want Roxy there. Had it been someone else, it wouldn’t have mattered to them that the teenager was with her mother. They would have killed Roxy too. But Bernie didn’t want to kill his daughter, which is why he went to such lengths to keep her away from home.

Betrayal and Loss: The Reason Behind the Murder

Image Credit: Ludovic Robert/Prime Video

Bernie confesses that he loved Roxy’s mother and her death was painful to him. If this is real, then why would he have her killed? The only thing a man like Bernie Monke would put above family is his business. In his line of work, betrayal isn’t forgivable, especially from someone close to him. In the novel on which the show is based, Bernie discovers that Christina had been selling his secrets to the enemy, which leads him to lose a couple of men. In the show, too, we assume this would be the case.

When Roxy visits her mom’s parlor and talks to her friends, she discovers that Christina had a boyfriend, and they considered getting married. This is shocking to Roxy because she and her mother always shared everything. The fact that her mother kept this new boyfriend from her is surprising. We don’t know anything about Christina’s boyfriend, but the fact that she kept him a secret from Roxy means that she must have wanted to keep it a secret from Bernie.

Even though they had a daughter together, Bernie was married, and it would make sense if Christina wanted to move on too. However, she wouldn’t want Bernie to know about her new boyfriend because she knew it would cause trouble for her. Perhaps, her boyfriend belonged to a rival group, and he was using Christina to get insider information on Bernie. Maybe Bernie found out and, as punishment, had Christina killed.

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