Who is the Voice Inside Allie’s Head in The Power?

Prime Video’s ‘The Power’ is set in a world where women have become more powerful than men and have taken over its reins. Told from the perspective of different characters, the show explores the differences and similarities in the worlds run by men and women. One of the protagonists of the story is a young girl named Allie. She lives in Alabama with her foster parents, who abuse her. She is unable to do anything about it until she gets the power.

For other girls, the power comes with the crackle of electricity in their hands. For Allie, it comes with a voice inside her head. This voice helps her escape from her foster parents and find a place where she belongs. If you are wondering who this voice is and what it means for Allie, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Allie’s Inner Voice: Bold and Assertive Guide

Image Credits: Katie Yu/Prime Video

The origins of the power in the Prime Video series remain somewhat uncertain, creating many questions about the true depth of its potential. By the third episode, it is clear that only teenage girls develop this power, which can be passed on to adult women. The reason behind this is the new organ that has developed in young girls, and its only job is to produce electricity. While no one knows how this organ suddenly came out of the blue in female human anatomy, it is assumed that it results from the survival instinct.

In the future, the story becomes more focused on the repercussions of the newfound power in women’s hands and how it changes the world. Most of the characters in the story are tied to this plot point, but Allie’s case is a bit different. The voice inside her head only gets bolder and more assertive with time. It leads her down a path that feels right initially but gets more treacherous by the day. At one point, one starts to wonder whose voice it is and why it has such a hold on Allie. Here are our theories about what the Voice could be.

We know that Allie has had a traumatic childhood, and the power is believed to have been a response to some trigger. She doesn’t speak much and silently suffers abuse from her foster parents. The Voice may be her conscience or an aspect of her personality that has kicked into survival mode and wants her to fight. It recognizes the shift in her body when the power kicks in and alerts her of the change. It guides her to use the power at the right time and escape.

Image Credits: Katie Yu/Prime Video

Conversing with oneself is common, so it makes sense that the Voice is Allie talking herself through tough times. The Voice tells Allie she is unique, even though every other woman has the same power. This could be her self, keeping her spirits up in the bad times and telling her that she can do better now that she is out of the abusive household and has the power to protect herself.

Another possibility is that the Voice is the power. As stated previously, the true origins and nature of the power are not known yet, so it is possible that it has manifested as the Voice in Allie. Though it is a little difficult to believe that of all the millions of girls worldwide, the Voice would only talk to Allie. Possibly, somewhere down the line, some other character might start hearing it, too, untangling this mystery for us. Extrapolating from this, the power might also start talking to other girls and develop some sort of connection, possibly telepathy, between them. For now, it remains limited to Allie, so the scales are tipped in favor of it being Allie’s conscience.

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