Did Jamie Kill Kit in Top Boy? Did Kadeem Ramsay Leave Top Boy?

Netflix’s crime drama series, ‘Top Boy,’ follows the story of Dushane and Sully, who want to be at the top of the drug business in east London. They were friends, but their relationship gets complicated over the years as they both try to take the reins of the organization, their rivalry fuelled by the difference of opinion and what they want the future to look like. No matter their differences, they always come together whenever they are threatened by an outside force. In the show’s first two seasons, they are pitted against a local gang of young men who want Dushane and Sully to move over and let them handle things. Kit is a part of that gang and has high hopes for himself and his friend and leader, Jamie. However, things don’t turn out as he expected them to. SPOILERS AHEAD

Kit Paid the Price of Killing Ats

Jamie and Kit were each other’s best friends. No matter how hard the circumstances would get, the duo would have each other’s back. When Jamie decided to take control of the gang and not have Leyton as their incompetent leader anymore, Kit supported him. He stood by Jamie even when Modie came back and asserted control over them. At the end of the first season, when Dushane sets up Jamie and his brothers, Jamie gives himself over to the law to save his brothers from going to prison. In his absence, Kit takes care of them.

Things start to cool down by the second season when Jamie accepts Dushane’s offer to join his gang. Rather than working against each other, Dushane wants them to work together and get stronger. Kit supports Jamie even then, but everything falls apart with the death of Ats. Ats was Stefan’s best friend, and unbeknownst to the others, he was working for the Summerhouse gang. He would do small stuff for Dushane and his crew, in return for which he would get paid.

In the final episode of Season 1, Ats plants the bag with guns and drugs in Jamie’s house, even though Stefan is his best friend. Ats did this out of pressure from the gang and to protect his family. However, when Jamie was sent to prison for this, his crew didn’t take Ats’ actions lightly. Kit sent Dexter to rough up Ats and teach him a lesson for betraying Stefan and Jamie. However, things got out of hand, and Dexter ended up killing Ats.

In the second season, Ats’ death becomes pivotal in deciding Kit’s fate. Because Ats was part of his gang, Dushane starts looking into the boy’s death. Afraid of getting caught, Kit kills Dexter. However, Dushane is still suspicious of him. When he confronts Jamie about it, the latter spills everything, confessing that Kit was responsible for Ats’ death. To make him prove his loyalty, Dushane asks Jamie to kill Kit. With no other option, Jamie shoots his best friend, who was under the impression that they were running away to Cardiff together.

Kit’s Death Has Repercussions on Jamie’s Future

Image Credit: Chris Harris/Netflix

Kit’s death marks an important turning point in Jamie’s story because it shows how far he is willing to go to become the “top boy.” The repercussions of this action end up being fatal for him, which proves how important Kit was to him, especially considering that everything fell apart after his death. Kit’s death seals his fate, and he doesn’t return in the third and final season of ‘Top Boy.’

Actor Kadeem Ramsay revealed that he loved ‘Top Boy’ when it first aired on Channel 4 and wanted to be a part of the show. He was a fan of Ashley Walters (who plays Dushane) and wanted to act alongside him in the show because he related to Dushane’s character. He ended up on the show and considers it an excellent opportunity for himself and a dream come true. His departure from the show is purely due to the arc of his character, Kit. The actor, who will next appear in ‘Beneath the Silence,’ added a layer of complexity to Kit through his nuanced portrayal, delivering an unforgettable performance.

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