Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have a Boyfriend? Did He Have a Job?

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Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ shows how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was attracted to most of his victims and murdered them out of a desire to have complete control over them. Moreover, reports claim that he raped quite a few of his victims, and towards the beginning of his crime spree, was convicted and sentenced for second-degree sexual assault as well as tempting a child with immoral intentions. However, in light of the murders, people have wondered if Jeffrey Dahmer ever had a boyfriend. On the other hand, questions have also been raised about his employment status. Well, if you are interested in knowing whether Jeffrey had a boyfriend or a job, we have you covered.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Life Was Marked by Loneliness

Quite surprisingly, none of the reports mention Jeffrey Dahmer having a boyfriend, and we believe he never had a steady partner. In fact, sources have noted that the only person Jeffery ever showed compassion toward was his grandmother, which further indicates that he seemingly never experienced a romantic relationship. Jeffrey was still in high school when he realized he was attracted to boys, not girls. Such a feeling was relatively new to him, and even though he struggled with his sexual identity, it was attraction and a need to keep everyone close that turned him into a murderer.

When Jeffrey initially came across his first victim, Steven Mark Hicks, on June 18, 1978, he felt a strong attraction as the teenager was standing bare-chested on the side of the road. However, his attraction soon turned to rage when Steven began talking about other girls, and Jeffrey knew that he would never be accepted. However, he kept his cool until Steven asked to leave, and since Jeffrey was unwilling to let him go, he bashed the victim twice on the head with dumbbells before strangling him to death.

Likewise, in the years that followed, Jeffrey got in trouble with the law for sexual assault and indecent exposure as he could not control his desires. Moreover, the 2012 documentary ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Files,’ also mentioned that the serial killer allegedly visited bathhouses where he would drug patrons before reportedly raping them. Interestingly, the Netflix show portrays how Jeffrey and one of his victims, Tony Anthony Hughes, started a budding relationship before the latter was eventually murdered. However, official reports do not contain an account of such a relationship, and from the looks of it, Jeffrey was single for most of his life.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Work Life: From College Dropout to Army Service

Yes, despite having time to commit a string of gruesome murders on a regular basis, Jeffrey was employed for the greater part of his life after graduating high school. After committing his first murder, Jeffrey began pursuing a major in business at the Ohio State University in August 1978. However, he dropped out just a few months later due to excessive drinking and lack of determination. Subsequently, in January 1979. Jeffrey joined the army at his father’s behest and was even deployed in Baumholder, West Germany, where he served as a combat medic. Nevertheless, Jeffrey’s drinking habit soon caught up to him, and once the army deemed him unsuitable for service, they gave him an honorable discharge in March 1981.

Image Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube

After leaving the army, Jeffrey decided to travel to Miami, Florida, where he worked at a sandwich shop for a short time. However, he eventually returned home to his father and stepmother, who in turn sent him to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. Interestingly, Jeffrey showed great interest in looking for a job while living with his grandmother and was employed by the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center as a phlebotomist in early 1982. However, he could only hold onto that job for ten months and after being dismissed, decided to remain unemployed for the next couple of years. Nevertheless, Jeffrey went job hunting again upon his grandmother’s insistence and started working as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory in January 1985. This was the job that Jeffrey held for the rest of his free life, up until the day police arrested him in July 1991.

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