Did Jimmy Savile Marry? Did He Have a Wife and Kids?

Netflix’s two-part docuseries, ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story,’ chronicles the now-disgraced broadcaster’s life and the plethora of sexual abuse allegations against him. When Jimmy was alive, he was seen as a quirky radio and TV host who often raised money for charity. Given Jimmy’s celebrity persona before his death, his personal life was a matter of discussion. So, if you’re wondering if he ever married or had any children, we’ve got you covered.

Did Jimmy Savile Have a Wife and Kids?

Jimmy was born into a large Roman Catholic family, and growing up, he was pretty close to his mother, Agnes. After working as a professional cyclist and a wrestler, he then chose to become a disc jockey during the 1960s, paving the way for his future TV career. Known for his unique dressing style as much as his mannerisms and catchphrases, Jimmy was in the public eye for almost all of his career, with many often questioning his personal life.

As per the show, Jimmy portrayed himself as being quite promiscuous. Roger Ordish, his producer for ‘Jim’ll Fix It,’ mentioned that the broadcaster always talked about meeting women but never wanted to marry. In an interview with Lynn Barber in 1990. Jimmy claimed to have never fallen in love or had a live-in partner, adding that he never considered marriage. In his autobiography, Jimmy claimed to have slept with 3000 women.

However, it seems like Jimmy had several long-term relationships during his lifetime, as evidenced by the women who talked about their time with him. Sue Hymns, who met Jimmy in 1968, said they had an on-and-off relationship for about 43 years until his death. She later said, “It was unconventional, but it lasted longer than many marriages.” Another woman named Avril Harris said that Jimmy pursued her for more than two decades before they had a relationship that was kept private.

According to Roger, Jimmy had once said he hated children. He never had any kids throughout his life. Donna Foot, a woman who said she had a 17-year relationship with Jimmy, claimed that she was pregnant with his child in 1999 and eventually had an abortion. Donna said that Jimmy was quite clear about not wanting to marry or have children back then.

She mentioned, “I once joked I wanted to marry him, and he got very defensive and said he would never marry. I told him I would quite like children, but he said he ­never wanted to have them.” In the years after Jimmy’s death, several women came forward with their stories of how he was sexually abusive, sending shockwaves throughout. Donna added, “I’m so glad I didn’t bring one of his children into the world because they would have to be dealing with all his shame now.”

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