Did Kenny and Armando Decide on Having a Baby Together?

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio were touted as the franchise’s first same-sex couple when they were introduced on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 2. While the two were praised for the commitment and understanding they showed on the show, Kenny and Armando had to face numerous obstacles before they could settle down in a village in Mexico, along with Armando’s daughter, Hannah. Kenny has always been a wonderful father to Hannah, and their relationship is genuinely heartwarming.

Yet, a situation arose when Armando mentioned that he would like for them to have a child of their own. ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 5 documents the couple’s move to Mexico City and even follows the conversation about having a child. Well, let’s delve into the details and find out if Kenny and Armando were able to make a decision, shall we?

Did Kenny and Armando Decide on Having a Baby Together?

Readers will be intrigued to know that Kenny and Armando were fathers prior to meeting each other. Kenny’s marriage was not romantic, as all he wanted was to be a father through in-vitro fertilization. That was when one of his closest friends decided to marry him, and Kenny became a father to triplets Taylor, Cassidy, and Madison. He also had a son, Bryson, from a previous relationship and was doing well as a single parent of four. On the other hand, the end of Armando’s marriage was quite tragic, as his ex-wife left him after he came out as gay. Still, he got full custody of their daughter, Hannah, and was slowly learning to become an excellent single father.

Shortly after, Armando met Kenny on a social media group for single fathers, and the rest is history. Although Armando and Kenny initially maintained a long-distance relationship, the latter soon traveled to Mexico to be with his beloved. It also did not take long for Kenny to pop the all-important question, and it was incredible to witness how his daughters supported the relationship. In fact, two of Kenny’s daughters even flew in to support their father during the engagement ceremony, and the couple later tied the knot before settling in the Mexican village of La Mision along with Armando’s daughter, Hannah.

Ever since the start of their relationship, Armando had been clear about his desire to have another child of his own. Kenny even supported this idea at first, and the two talked to various doctors about methods that would eliminate most risks at the time of pregnancy. Eventually, they zeroed in on In vitro fertilization or Intrauterine insemination, but Kenny wondered if he would be able to go through such a lengthy process. At the same time, ’90 Day’ star Brittany Banks, who appeared in season 2 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ offered to become a surrogate mother for the couple.

However, Kenny’s children weren’t that supportive of this decision, as they felt that a new child would not allow their father to give them the attention they desired. Hence, to appease all parties, Kenny and Armando began looking at other options, including adoption but were disappointed to learn that the process could take up to 4 years. ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 5 documents the couple breaching the subject of having a child for the second time, even as they planned to move from La Mision to Mexico City. Moving to Mexico City was Kenny’s idea, and one of the reasons he gave Armando was the availability of better healthcare facilities, which would help them achieve their dream of parenting a child together.

In fact, the two met several doctors and received expert advice while in the city, but the whole plan broke down when Kenny mentioned that he was too old to go through such a lengthy process. Naturally, an outright rejection of his husband’s part made Armando burst into tears as he wondered if his desire to have another child would ever be fulfilled. Since then, Armando and Kenny have talked about other methods, including adoption, but the two are yet to make any specific progress regarding their own baby. Hence, even though they did not decide on whether to have a baby together, Armando and Kenny are very much in love and have built up a wonderful life with Hannah.

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