Is Tyray from 90 Day Fiancé Dating Anyone?

When  Modesto, California, native Tyray Mollett was introduced on ’90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ season 6, he was pretty excited about building a life with his girlfriend, Carmella. Although the two had met online and were pursuing a long-distance relationship, since Carmella appeared to be from Barbados, fans noticed a few red flags when Tyray mentioned that he had never spoken to his girlfriend on a video call.

In fact, Carmella was also unwilling to talk to Tyray over the phone, even though the US native kept sending her money to support her lifestyle. Eventually, the show revealed that someone was using Carmella’s picture to catfish Tyray, making fans wonder if the Modesto resident resumed dating after filming wrapped. Well, let’s take a detailed look and find out more, shall we?

Tyray Mollett’s Former Relationship

Since his childhood, Tyray has been a victim of ridicule and bullying because of his weight. Such harsh experiences amped up his insecurities, and the Modesto resident retreated into his shell instead of putting himself out there. As a result, Tyray mentioned that he never fell in love or had a girlfriend prior to appearing on the show. Moreover, he also had other responsibilities, which included taking care of his ailing mother, who was recovering from a stroke, and there wasn’t much time to do anything else.

Once Tyray’s loved ones noticed how lonely the reality star had gotten, they encouraged him to go out there and find someone to settle down with. That was when Tyray signed up for an online dating app, through which he came across Carmella’s profile for the first time. When Tyray came across Carmella’s profile for the first time, he was astounded by her beauty and charm. Yet, he believed that the Barbados resident was way out of his league, and she might not even reply to his texts. Yet, once he put his fear of rejection aside and texted her, Carmella responded almost immediately, and the two embarked on a wonderful relationship.

Tyray mentioned that they had been together for about four years at the time of filming, although most of their interactions had been through texts. Moreover, when getting to know Carmella, Tyray realized she was pretty caring and understanding. In fact, she supported the Modesto resident when the going got tough and even kept reassuring him when he was worried about his mother’s health. On the other hand, Tyray often offered financial support, and he even planned to marry her at one point.

Despite being in a four-year relationship, Carmella never attempted to connect on a video call, much to Tyray’s surprise. She even refused to talk to him over the phone but would keep chatting via text for hours. Tyray tried his best not to let such minor issues bother him since he believed the Barbados resident was uncomfortable with video calling. Besides, the Modesto resident also revealed how they had sent each other intimate photos over Snapchat, which convinced him that Carmella was real. However, he was in for a rude awakening after appearing on the ’90 Day’ show since the producers investigated Carmella and discovered that Tyray was being catfished by a man named Christian.

The truth devastated Tyray since the reality star believed he had a real connection with Carmella. Moreover, he faced yet another heartbreak when further investigation revealed that, instead of being a Barbados native, Carmella was an escort who resided in the United States. Yet, despite the truth, Tyray was unable to forget the relationship easily and decided to meet the real Carmella to find out if she was involved in the catfish. He even tracked the woman to Denver, Colorado, and the two met in person in a bar, where Carmella insisted that she had no idea about the whole ordeal. Naturally, the conversation was quite awkward, but Carmella found Tyray to be a good person, and they promised to remain friends.

Is Tyray Mollett Dating Anyone?

Although Tyray and Carmella decided to remain friends, the Modesto resident insisted that the meeting was an essential step to getting over his previous feelings. In fact, once he realized that Carmella was a good person and had no idea about the catfish, he felt like he could trust others again without worrying about them breaking his heart.

Still, the lack of a special someone in Tyray’s recent social media posts, coupled with sources describing him as a single man, makes us believe the Modesto resident is not seeing anyone at present. However, fans will be glad to know that Tyray has since improved his life by deciding to adhere to a keto diet. He has also been traveling extensively in the last few months, and we wish him the best for the future.

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