Did the Annabelle Doll Escape the Warren Museum?

No, the Annabelle doll did not escape what used to the ‘Occult Museum’ operated by the Warrens. A supposedly possessed doll, let loose on a world already affected by the coronavirus pandemic, would be an overkill. However, Annabelle’s reputation precedes it, which is why netizens have been so worried. The Warrens claim to have first come across the doll in the 1970s.

A student nurse received it, but when the doll displayed abnormal behavior, a psychic medium was contacted, who informed the roommates about Annabelle Higgins’ spirit possessing the doll. The roommates decided to let the doll stay, which turned out to be a big mistake since Annabelle’s behavior grew frighteningly malicious. Ed and Lorraine arrived on the scene and determined that Annabelle was demonically possessed. Even when they tried to transport Annabelle to their residence, the car ran into trouble, until Annabelle was soaked in holy water.

Back home, Ed and Lorraine placed Annabelle in a glass case, and Lorraine had said that a priest continues to bless the enclosure. It keeps the evil within Annabelle contained, much like an electric fence would stave off a dog. With all the precautions surrounding Annabelle’s presence, how did the rumors about the doll’s escape begin?

Annabelle Escape Hoax, Explained:

The rumors about Annabelle’s escape began after someone heartlessly edited the Wikipedia page to reflect the wrong information. It has been corrected since then. However, the damage was done, especially since the world of the occult is not too widely reported on. Netizens who remain curious about such things were hard-pressed to find any corroborating story confirming Annabelle’s escape. In the absence of the same, most believed the Wikipedia page, which remains a trusted source of information for many. As the stories snowballed, people on the internet added fuel to the fire via posts, which are hilarious. You can see one here.


Did Annabelle Really Escape?

To quell all doubts for the last time – no, Annabelle remains at the Monroe, Connecticut residence of the Warrens. She is not unleashing havoc upon the East Coast as the stories would have you believe. After Lorraine’s demise in 2019, Tony Spera, their son-in-law, looks after the property. He’s released a video to put the tales to bed and assure everyone of Annabelle’s safe enclosure.

After mowing the lawn, Tony got on YouTube, despite intending to come on Facebook live with the news. However, some internet troubles forced him to go another way, which is all the same, since he’s gotten the message across.

Spera said that Annabelle is alive, and in the museum (now closed due to zoning violations) in all her glory. Tony also drew attention to the security cameras he has installed. If anything goes missing, he and the cops are notified in minutes. The high-tech security would inform him if anybody attempts to break in or if anything untoward happens. Moreover, the cops respond very quickly, in Monroe, so Tony assures us that the situation is currently under control.

He added, “Annabelle’s here. She didn’t go anywhere. She didn’t take a trip. She didn’t fly first class, and she didn’t go out to visit her boyfriend…” However, Spera realizes the seriousness of the matter and concerns shown by people, since Annabelle is nothing to play with. All the while, Tony’s recorded the video in front of Annabelle’s enclosure, and so you can see the doll in the backlit case. Here’s the entire video for you to check out.

2020 remains a year for horrors of the pandemic, without fears of a supernatural doll being clumped into the mix.

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