Do Adam and Eric Break Up? Are Adam and Rahim Together in Sex Education?

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ is set in Moordale Secondary school, where the students find themselves on the cusp of adulthood and explore their burgeoning sexual identities with their classmates. The show takes a particularly detailed and colorful look at the variety of sexual preferences that people can have and the equally numerous forms of expression that they can take on.

Perhaps one of the most transformative journeys is that of Adam Groff, the son of Moordale’s former headteacher Mr. Groff. From being the class bully who flashes his genitals in the school cafeteria, Adam goes on to form a tender relationship with Otis’ friend, Eric, and learns to get in touch with his vulnerable side when he has his heart broken. So who does Adam end up with at the end of season 3? Let’s find out.

Do Adam and Eric Break Up?

Adam and Eric getting together is perhaps one of the show’s most masterful twists. In season 1, Adam bullies Eric relentlessly, and it seems impossible to imagine the two will ever become friends, much less lovers. However, in season 2, Adam surprises everyone (including Eric) when a brief fight between the two turns into a kiss and a sexual encounter.

Adam initially struggles with coming out to his classmates and parents, but with a guiding hand from Eric — who has navigated his own sexuality and going public with it — the erstwhile “macho” class bully begins to get the hang of things. He also slowly learns not to assault people for calling him gay and, by the end of season 2, plucks up the courage to propose to Eric in front of the entire school.

Despite all odds, Adam and Eric share a loving and tender relationship, which continues clandestinely even when Eric briefly dates the new boy Rahim. However, on a trip to Nigeria, Eric kisses another boy, which Adam takes quite hard. Though the two eventually make up, Eric realizes how much he enjoyed the feeling of being free to kiss other people and admits the same to Adam. The two then have an emotional breakup, and there is a distinct feeling that a lot is left unsaid between the two.

Is Adam With Rahim Now?

Rahim has been quietly angry with Adam ever since the latter “stole” his boyfriend, Eric. Every chance he gets, Rahim reminds Adam about what he did. Therefore, when Adam finds out about Eric kissing another boy, things seem to come full circle and Adam and Rahim, both jilted and still in love with Eric, find some common ground. Their friendship is further solidified over — in true ‘Sex Education’ fashion — a sock full of “poo” that Rahim flings out of a bus and for which Adam takes the fall.

The real sparks seemingly begin to fly when Adam asks Rahim to read a poem he’s written for Eric, which the latter asks to recite to him. As Rahim listens to the poem, an entirely new side of Adam reveals itself— one that is tender, loving, and in pain. Though the two are not seen together after Rahim listens to the poem, it does seem like he is developing feelings for Adam. The former bully’s feelings towards Rahim are more difficult to read, but the fact that Adam shares such a personal poem with him clearly points towards feelings of intimacy between the two.

There is a high probability that Adam and Rahim will get together at some point, and the coupling seems ideal (as ideal as it can be in the chaotic emotional landscape of the show). Rahim has shown himself to be well versed with the intricacies of gay relationships (remember that douche class?) and could prove to be a fitting partner for Adam, who is still finding his feet after breaking up with Eric, who was his first boyfriend.

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