Do Maeve and Otis Get Together in Sex Education Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ follows the students of Moordale Secondary as they explore their budding sexuality and embark on a roller coaster ride of carnal adventures with their classmates. Like any environment full of hormone-laden teenagers, the prestigious high school is full of sexual tension. However, things really get rolling when the socially awkward Otis teams up with the high school outcast and fiercely beautiful Maeve to open an underground “sex clinic” to offer their classmates advice in exchange for money.

Over three seasons, the dynamic between Otis and Maeve has consistently been one of the show’s central plot points, and their will-they-won’t-they relationship status has kept fans absolutely enthralled. It feels like everything that can come between the two has, but their undeniable attraction to each other is more palpable than ever. So do Maeve and Otis finally get together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Maeve and Otis Finally Get Together?

Maeve is first introduced as a no-nonsense loner who takes care of herself and, despite being one of the brightest students in her grade, spends her breaks smoking cigarettes in the school’s abandoned bathroom. She also supports herself, and, with rent for her trailer (where she lives) overdue, she is struck by an idea when she sees Otis give some helpful and practical advice to one of their classmates suffering from performance anxiety in the bedroom. Maeve comes up with the idea of the underground sex clinic and Otis, who is excited just to be speaking to the glowering goth beauty of his grade, readily agrees.

Otis’ affection for Maeve is clear from the start, so when Maeve — who is not used to having a friend she can count on — finds one in Otis and begins to fall for him, things seem to be headed for a very happy ending indeed! Of course, every time it seems like the unlikely couple might have a shot, someone comes in between, and the two just can’t catch a break. Even when Maeve and Otis know that they like each other, season 2 ends in possibly one of the most frustrating moments when a heartfelt message from Otis gets deleted by the jealous Isaac before Maeve can hear it.

Season 3 pushes the envelope even further and puts Maeve and Otis in an ideal situation. Having “cold-shouldered” each other for most of the school year, the two are forced to talk when they find themselves left behind at an empty rest stop during a school trip to France. Otis tells Maeve what he had said in the deleted message, and the two finally kiss! However, the show seems to want to prove how some things are just not meant to happen even in the best of circumstances as Maeve then feels conflicted about whether to be with Otis or continue her relationship with Isaac.

In the end, Maeve is with neither, as she heads off to the US for an academic program. Considering she’s going away for many months — and she and Otis hug before she departs — the two, once again, get tantalizingly close to becoming a couple, but circumstances pull them apart. After so many close calls, the coupling of Maeve and Otis is almost mythologized and feels best left in the imaginations of the show’s fans. The tension between the two is an integral part of the show’s character, and if Maeve and Otis do get together sometime in the future, it might just mean that the story arc of ‘Sex Education’ is officially over. Now that’s a tough choice!

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