Do Amore Shark Tank Update: Where Is Do Amore Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ season 13 witnessed Krish Himmatramka present his company Do Amore, hoping to land an investment from the Sharks. Described as a jewelry company with a conscience that is out to change the world for good, Do Amore’s concept demanded a detailed look. Well, here’s what we found out.

Do Amore: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Krish Himmatramka, the man responsible for establishing Do Amore, did not have a background or experience in the jewelry market. However, he is pretty adept at establishing and running a business, as he also co-founded The Great Canvas in 2012. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, Krish interned at prestigious companies like Procter & Gamble and the British multinational oil and gas company, BP. Following his graduation, he found employment as a Reservoir Engineer at Shell and then moved on to The Great Canvas before establishing Do Amore in 2014.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Although Do Amore – which means “I give with love” in Latin – is a business that sells jewelry for profit, it prides itself on prioritizing ethics above everything else. Wanting to make a positive change in society, Krish highlighted the issues plaguing the world at present and decided to combat them through his company.

For starters, Do Amore only sources diamonds from conflict-free zones of the world and refuses to do business with mines that over-exploit and under-pay their workers. While diamonds are sourced from countries like Botswana, Namibia, Canada, and South Africa, Krish mentioned that his company has completely stopped importing the gemstone from Russia after they invaded Ukraine. Besides, Do Amore is also up for reusing old gemstones, creating jewelry with lab-produced diamonds, and using recycled precious metals for their products.

Where Is Do Amore Now?

Do Amore’s launch was pretty successful, and their ethical business practices soon got them the exposure they absolutely deserve. Krish prides himself on having each piece of jewelry handcrafted in the United States and claims that even the ring boxes are made from Jarrah wood, one of the world’s most eco-friendly woods. With time, they increased their catalog, which now includes engagement rings, women’s and men’s bands, as well as jewelry made with ethically sourced sapphires and moissanite.

For each ring that Do Amore sells, they donate a portion of their profits towards making clean water readily accessible in developing countries. Customers can even go to their official website and use a unique tracking feature to find where and how the money from their purchase is making a difference. The jewelry is exclusively available on Do Amore’s website, which offers a massive collection of designs for people. While the costs depend on the material and gemstones used, it generally lies in the range of $450 to $2000. Do Amore’s ethical business practices is a breath of fresh air in industry as it exists today, and we hope success never eludes them in the long run.

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