Do Cam and Demi End up Together in Freeridge?

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Freeridge’ follows the story of four teenagers whose lives are upended after they find a mysterious box that turns out to be cursed. Things get very chaotic as bad things start to happen and their friendships are tested by the revelation of the secrets that they are forced to confront. The most striking change happens in the relationship between Cam and Demi. They had been best friends since childhood and everyone could see that there was something between them that they were refusing to address. Eventually, however, they decide to face their feelings, but even then, there are many problems between them. If you are wondering what their relationship status is by the end of the season, then here’s what you need to know.

Do Cam and Demi Get Together?

Cam and Demi had always liked each other and everyone knew it. The only reason that they didn’t end up together sooner was a remark that Demi made when Cam came out as bisexual. This happened when they were twelve, and Demi said that she couldn’t be with someone who had been with other guys. This made Cam feel really bad about himself and despite his feelings for Demi, he couldn’t help but believe that she would never reciprocate his feelings.

Demi, on the other hand, completely forgot that she had said something like that and thought that Cam was only projecting his feelings on her because he needed a distraction from Andre. In time, they resolve this issue as Demi apologizes for her words and they both confess their love for each other. This happens when Cam hadn’t yet broken up with Andre, which complicates things between the three of them. This isn’t resolved between them until Demi tells Andre that Cam was going to break up with him anyway.

Having cleared up everything, Cam and Demi finally get the chance to be with one another without any drama or anything else bothering him. However, they also realize that it was all this turbulence in their lives that was keeping things exciting between them. When that’s gone, the excitement goes away too and they wonder if it would be better to part ways rather than string it out and be forced to repeat the mistake that Cam made with Andre.

Cam and Demi’s Mutual Breakup

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix

After giving some thought to their relationship, Cam and Demi decide that there is no spark between them. Before they got together, there was a lot of drama that kept things alive. There were suppressed emotions, with both of them wondering if the other wanted to be with them or not. Around this time, Cam was still in a relationship with Andre, which meant that anything between him and Demi had to be kept a secret. This sneaking around kept them on their toes. But once the truth came out and Cam and Demi were free to pursue their relationship in open, all of that drama and danger went away.

It is a mutual decision to part ways, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings for each other anymore. In fact, the mere fact that they are broken up means that there is a good chance they’ll get back together again. By the end of the episode, Demi gets the sign that her grandma had told her about, which confirms for her that Cam is her soulmate. In addition to that, there is also Cam’s pattern in his relationships.

When Cam was with Andre, he felt the need to break up. But once that happened and Andre moved on, Cam started fixating on Andre. The same could happen with Demi, especially if some other potential love interest for her shows up. This would certainly dial up the drama between them and reignite the passionate love affair they’d experienced the first time around. In any case, Demi is convinced that she is supposed to end up with Cam, which means that she will try her best to win him back, which will certainly complicate things between them, weirdly paving the path for their reunion.

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