Do Codringher and Fenn Die? Did Liz Carr and Simon Callow Leave The Witcher?

Netflix’s fantasy drama series, ‘The Witcher,’ is set in the turbulent world of the Continent where various powers indulge in a war to rule the world. Geralt of Rivia gets muddled up in this chaos and politics when his destiny becomes intertwined with Princess Ciri of Cintra. Ciri’s power attracts all sorts of people towards her, all of whom want to use her to serve their own purpose. Geralt tries to keep her safe while training her to fight the world that will always be at odds with her.

To have the upper hand on his enemies, Geralt requires information that doesn’t come by easily, and this is where the detective duo, Codringher and Fenn, come in. Infamous for their ability to dig all sorts of secrets and knowing everything that’s going on under the sun, Codringher and Fenn never disappoint their clients. However, this also puts them in a precarious situation, and in the end, they end up paying the price for all this information with their lives. What happens to them in ‘The Witcher’ Season 3? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Codringher and Fenn Die?

In the third season, Geralt shows up at Codringher and Fenn’s door with the hopes of getting more information on Rience. Previously, he and Yennefer concluded that Rience is a puppet for someone much more powerful. They need to find this mage and neutralize him to ensure Ciri’s safety. While Yennefer takes Ciri to Aretuza, Geralt decides to locate and kill Rience. For this, he asks for Codringher and Fenn’s help.

As expected, the duo knows much more than they let on. Due to a soft spot for Geralt, they tell him as much as they deem fit, hoping to set him on a path that is not too dangerous. They confess that they know about Rience, but they don’t know who his employer is. They tell him where Rience is working but discourage Geralt from going after him. Instead, they tell him to find a replacement for Ciri and deliver her to his enemies. If the world thinks Ciri is dead, they won’t look for her. However, Geralt refuses to kill an innocent girl to serve his purpose.

Later, Rience shows up at their office when he discovers that they met with Geralt. The duo admits that the Witcher paid them a visit, but they assure Rience that they told him nothing about his employer. This would probably have been enough for Rience, and he would have left them alone, but Codringher lets it slip that they know what Rience’s employer is planning for Ciri. This ticks off Rience, who threatens to kill their cat if they don’t tell him exactly what they know about said plans.

It’s clear that Codringher and Fenn know too much, which it dangerous for Rience to let him live. He knows that, for the right price, they will pass on this information to someone else, and he cannot risk that. So, when he walks out of their place, he sets it ablaze. He takes the cat with him, but Codringher and Fenn are left inside to die.

Did Liz Carr and Simon Callow Leave The Witcher?

Because we don’t see Codringher and Fenn dying, and there are no corpses either, one could wonder if they made it out alive. However, in the later episodes, it is confirmed that the detectives-cum-lawyers have met a horrible end. Previously, after visiting them with Geralt, Jaskier realized that Codringher and Fenn knew about Rience’s employer, but they didn’t reveal his name because Geralt didn’t have enough money. He tells Radovid, who is the price of Redania, to use his money and influence to get that information.

Radovid forwards this information to Djikstra, but by the time he finds Codringher and Fenn, they are already dead. Djikstra gives his condolences to Geralt, who was completely unaware of this development. This confirms that Codringher and Fenn really are dead, and there is no prospect of them returning to ‘The Witcher.’ Because the show is known to fiddle with timelines and flashbacks are used frequently, there is a faint possibility that Simon Callow (‘The Cleaner,’ ‘The Amazing Mr. Blunden’) and Liz Carr (‘Good Omens,’ ‘Silent Witness’) might reprise their roles. For now, however, we won’t be seeing the actors in the world of ‘The Witcher’ anytime soon.

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