Do Detective Roshan Amiri and Pia End Up Together in Clickbait?

Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ opens with the murky kidnapping of Nick Brewer, who then shows up in an internet video holding a placard saying, “At 5 million views, I die.” When his sister Pia — a wild card of sorts — sees the video, she first rushes to tell his wife Sophie about it, and the two then head to the police station. The case is assigned to detective Roshan Amiri, and he and Pia seem to have a vague connection when they first meet. Small sparks continue to fly between the two as the mystery deepens, and they also seem to make quite an effective mystery-solving team. So do Roshan and Pia finally end up together at the end? Let’s find out.

Do Detective Roshan Amiri and Pia End Up Together?

Some viewers might have missed it, but their meeting at the police station is not the first time that Roshan and Pia interact. Near the beginning of the first episode, after quarreling with her brother and being unceremoniously asked to leave their mother’s birthday celebrations, Pia heads to a club with the intention of “getting drunk.” There, she matches with a man named Woody on a Tinder-like app, and the two decide to meet. However, she mistakenly drops her phone into the toilet and seemingly forgets all about her rendezvous with the man. That is until the two come face to face the next day under very different circumstances.

When Pia first arrives at the police station to report her brother Nick’s kidnapping, she and Roshan, the detective assigned to the case, recognize each other but mention nothing. However, because of their connection, Roshan eventually convinces Pia to let him become the police liaison for the family, and therefore, the two end up spending a lot of time together. Pia, who actively tries to track down her brother with the assistance of her tech-savvy friend Vince, often approaches Roshan with new clues she has unearthed, while the latter makes regular visits to Pia and Nick’s family to update them on the case.

Despite (or possibly because of) the tragic circumstances around them, the two grow increasingly close. At one point, much to his surprise, Pia lands up at Roshan’s motel room with beers. However, when she tries to initiate a kiss, Roshan stops her advances because he believes it can lead to a conflict of interest. Pia herself could become a suspect in her brother’s kidnapping sometime in the future, and as a detective on the case, Roshan would then jeopardize his position as an investigator if he got romantically involved with her. This is perhaps one of the most telling signs about just how serious he is about his career as a homicide detective (since by now, it is clear that he harbors feelings of affection for Pia).

We last see Pia and Roshan driving Sophia and her rescued son Kai back to their home. They sit next to each other wordlessly, each lost in their own thoughts. By now, Roshan has moved on to another case (which causes some friction between him and Pia). We don’t get to see whether Pia and Roshan end up together, but there is definitely a good chance of that happening. Considering Roshan (who is divorced) is now working on another case and the case of Pia’s brother Nick’s kidnapping is essentially closed, there is nothing stopping the two from picking up where they left off and exploring a relationship.

However, considering the traumatic nature of the whole situation with Nick, we cannot discount a slim possibility that both Pia and Roshan will want to move on from the case and would not want to deal with the painful memories that they would undoubtedly bring up in each other’s company because of their shared experiences. Therefore, much as we’d like to know for sure, the possibility of Pia and Roshan ending up together remains highly uncertain.

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