Do Hunter and Becky Die in Fall? [Spoiler]

In ‘Fall, stuck on the top of a 2000ft tower, adventure enthusiasts and best friends Hunter and Becky find it impossible to get their cries for help heard by someone. They’d climbed up there to get some closure about the grief and loss that they’d been grappling with. However, stranded in a small space that only has miles and miles of desert around it, they are forced to confront other truths, making them reconsider their own bond. Surviving in a harsh situation like this seems impossible, and both of them entertain the possibility that they might not make it back home alive. Where do they end up by the time the film wraps up? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Hunter Die?

It had been Hunter’s idea to climb the tower, and she was the one in control of her fear. Unlike Becky, who had to master her nerves every step of the way, Hunter was the one ready to take risks. Of the two of them, she seemed more inclined to survive, as she kept coming up with tricks to do something about their situation. And this is why it feels all the more tragic that she is the one who dies by the end.

On the second day of their stay on the top of the tower, Hunter realizes that they need water if they don’t want to die of dehydration. The bag with the water bottles fell a few feet down, on the top of the dish when Becky had started her journey back and the ladder broke away. In a daring move, Hunter goes down to the dish and somehow, against all odds, manages to get the bag stuck to the rope that is tied at the top of the tower where Becky is.

She even takes the incredible risk of free jumping to the rope at a distance and manages to survive. She almost makes it to the tower when she slips and falls to her death. For the rest of the film, her body lies on the dish, until Becky makes it down there and uses it to get her phone down to the ground.

Does Becky Die?

Despite her extreme fear at the beginning, Becky survives all odds and manages to make it down the tower alive and in one piece. Because it was Hunter’s plan, she is the one who takes charge of the situation, keeping Becky out of harm’s way for the first two days. Her death hits Becky so hard that she hallucinates Hunter for the rest of the day. Her mind chooses to ignore that she is all alone now. In the form of Hunter, it keeps Becky on her toes, trying to find a way to survive, believing that it is Hunter who is coming up with these options.

In the end, however, she has to accept the reality of the situation. She kills a vulture who’d been feeding on her wound and eats it. The next day, she gathers all her courage and makes it down to the dish where Hunter lies dead. She uses her friend’s dead body to cushion the phone so that it doesn’t break when it falls to the ground. Fortunately, her trick works, and her message is sent to her father. He alerts the authority, immediately sending help for his daughter and arriving at the scene a few hours later.

So, with a couple of wounds on her, Becky manages to make it out alive of the situation that otherwise seemed entirely hopeless. She will need a lot of time to process all that happened in those three days, but it looks like she will eventually find closure and find the courage to move on with her life.

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