Do Jeremiah and Belly Get Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2? Theories

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Prime Video’s ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ follows the turbulent love life of Belly Conklin, who spends every summer at a beach house in Cousins. The first season introduces us to her equation with different characters, showing us where her feelings stand for each of them. She has been in love with Conrad since she was twelve, but the complications of her personal life seep into his relationship with Belly. Meanwhile, Belly is also best friends with Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah. They have a different kind of relationship, as Jeremiah is more open about his feelings and what he wants.

This love triangle opens the door to many conflicts in the lives of these characters, and things get more complicated in the second season. With Belly and Conrad breaking up at the beginning of the second season, what does it mean for Belly and Jeremiah? Will they get back together now? Will they end up together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Jeremiah and Belly Get Together?

Jeremiah and Belly got together in the first season when the younger Fisher brother expressed his desire to be something more than friends. He and Belly had always been close to each other, and despite her attraction towards Conrad, Belly saw Jeremiah as the one she could talk about anything with. They are also the same age and are treated as kids by Conrad, who is only a couple of years older than them. Unlike Conrad, Jeremiah doesn’t believe in bottling everything up, making him a much easier person to be with.

In the first season, when Belly saw that Conrad was not going to be interested in her and was pushing her away, she decided to move on from him and explore other romantic prospects. This was when Jeremiah confessed his feelings for her, and she decided to give their relationship a chance, which they kept secret from everyone else. Later, they discovered that Susannah had cancer, and Conrad knew about it, which is why he was acting so distant and closed off all this time.

Seeing Conrad’s situation from a new perspective, Belly empathizes with him. He, too, talks more openly with her now that the secret is out, and they end up kissing each other. Belly breaks up with Jeremiah, who is infuriated about being treated as a distraction until Belly got Conrad. The timing of the breakup is also messed up because it was only a few hours ago that Jeremiah found out about his mother’s declining health.

Things get so worse between Belly and Jeremiah that he doesn’t talk to her for an entire year. She tries reaching out to him, hoping they can still be friends, but Jeremiah’s anger doesn’t fade away. They don’t talk again until Conrad goes missing. His brother’s well-being is more important to Jeremiah than his anger towards Belly, so he agrees when she offers to join him in the search. On the way to Cousins, when they get a flat tire, an argument breaks out between them, and Belly apologizes to Jeremiah.

The journey ends with Belly and Jeremiah back on good terms, and this happens just around the time she and Conrad are on the worse terms. They’d broken up a couple of months ago and had a major fight at Susannah’s funeral, where she found him being consoled by his ex-girlfriend. When Belly shows up at Cousins, Conrad acts like he doesn’t want her there, and Belly, too, feels awkward and unwelcome in his presence. As opposed to this, Jeremiah makes her feel comfortable and acts as if nothing ever went wrong between them.

Image Credit: Erika Doss/Prime Video

While Jeremiah has forgiven Belly, it’s clear that he still has feelings for her. He doesn’t hold a grudge against her because he knows she loves Conrad. He didn’t like how she handled the whole thing. Back then, Belly hadn’t been Conrad, and she didn’t see all his complexities up close. However, she has now dated him and seen how he can still be closed off and pushes people away. Their breakup has shown her that being with Conrad might not be the best thing for her, no matter how she feels about him. Jeremiah, on the other hand, is everything she wishes Conrad was.

In the books on which the show is based, Belly eventually ends up with Conrad. However, the show has made quite a few changes, and perhaps, Belly’s endgame in romance might be one of them. Before she got together with Conrad, Belly had a romantic idea of what it might feel like to be with him. Now, however, she knows that falling in love with someone is much more complex than that, which is where Jeremiah comes in. Because a lot of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ hangs on the love triangle between the Fisher brothers and Belly, we might see Belly and Jeremiah getting together this season.

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