Do Lindsay and Miguel End Up Together in Up Here?

Hulu’s musical rom-com, ‘Up Here,’ follows the ups and downs in the relationship of Lindsay and Miguel. They are plagued by the voices inside their head, which affects every decision they make. They often overthink things and hold back from revealing their true feelings to each other, complicating things. Throughout the season, we find them circling each other, breaking up, and falling in love again. They break each other’s hearts repeatedly until they eventually come around to accepting the truth. If you are wondering whether or not they end up together, here’s what you should know.

Do Lindsay and Miguel End up Together?

The biggest problem in Miguel and Lindsay’s relationship is the voices inside their head. These voices make them hide things from each other. They feel insecure about their past and fear that if the other one finds out about certain things, they will not like them as much. This leads to them keeping secrets, which sours their relationship at different points.

Despite liking him from the start, the voice inside Lindsay’s head convinces her that she is rushing into the relationship, just like she did with Ned. Lindsay doesn’t want to do the same things again, so she ditches the plan to meet for breakfast. Later, when they do get together, she says they should keep things casual rather than telling Miguel about her previous relationship and clarifying that she needs time for herself.

Similarly, despite not wanting to be casual, Miguel agrees to do so. When he does come around to telling Lindsay the truth, he focuses on Lindsay spending the evening with McGooch and imagines all sorts of things rather than just asking her what happened between them. They break up and then meet up months later. By now, Lindsay has developed a new voice inside her head and completely changed her personality. However, when she reunites with Miguel, she returns to being the same person.

Once again, Miguel and Lindsay still suffer from a tug-of-war inside their brain about their relationship’s direction. After getting high on mushroom tea, Lindsay realizes she still has the wedding dress she should have returned to Ned months ago. She decides to take it back the next day when she is supposed to be attending the launch party of the game that Miguel had worked on. Instead of telling Miguel the truth, she lies to him about working. When he visits the bookstore, he doesn’t find there, which makes him suspicious of her.

By the end of the night, Lindsay is back from Vermont. At the party, she finds Miguel and his ex kissing. This is when everything falls apart. Miguel is furious about Lindsay not telling him she was engaged. Lindsay finds it hard to believe that Miguel’s ex initiated the kiss, and he wasn’t reciprocating it. Another month goes by, and they’re both miserable. When Miguel does call Lindsay, it is to return her stuff. For a minute, it looks like they might patch things up, but when they start shouting at each other, Miguel’s dog Yogurt gets anxious and bites Lindsay.

Things get tense for Miguel at his office when a data breach is tracked to someone breaking down the firewall. At first, Miguel and his friends think about blaming someone else for it, but he doesn’t feel good about ruining someone else’s life. He reads Lindsay’s book, which she’d left at his place when she came to see him, and the story makes him feel seen. He connects to the protagonist of the story, the voices inside their head, and how they struggle to find out who they are and what they want. This makes him realize he doesn’t want to be an investment banker, and he confesses to removing the firewall. He is fired, but he doesn’t feel so bad about it. Miguel returns the manuscript to Lindsay, telling her not to change anything about it. She also discovers that Miguel has illustrated the story, drawing the characters just as she imagined them. This, in turn, makes her feel seen.

All this while, Miguel and Lindsay were looking for someone like them. Someone who would understand and accept them. They realise that they had each other all this time, but they were too caught up in their own thoughts to see what was right in front of them. Ultimately, they return to each other and confess their feelings. They are in for a surprise when it turns out that Lindsay might be pregnant, but it looks like now that they are together, they can figure that out as well.

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