Is Lindsay Pregnant at the End of Up Here?

Hulu’s ‘Up Here’ follows the story of Lindsay and Miguel, who fall in love with each other while chasing their dreams in New York City. Many things hold them back from going for what they want, but their biggest inhibitor is their own mind. Both of them have voices that always keep them on edge about the things that should be easy and prod them to do something they don’t really want.

These voices culminate from Lindsay and Miguel’s experiences over the years. A betrayal from a friend has become Lindsay’s voice of reason to keep her from opening up to people. His mother’s voice leads Miguel to choose a career he doesn’t like. These voices also cause trouble in their relationships with other people. If you want to know what happens to Lindsay and Miguel at the end and what the voices in their head tell them, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Is Lindsay Pregnant?

From their first meeting, Lindsay and Miguel felt a tug-of-war in their head about each other. They like each other, but the voices in their heads are not so sure about them getting together. The couple tries to be casual; they break up, become friends, get back together, and then break up again. No matter what they do, they always circle back to each other. Just when it looks like things are finally settling down between them, they break up again.

Lindsay sees Miguel and his ex kissing, leading to another breakup. What happens immediately after is not shown, but here’s how the conversation must have gone. Miguel tried to explain that he didn’t initiate the kiss. He had been thinking about leaving when his ex kissed him. He had no intention of staying at the party and would’ve left, but then Lindsay arrived, which was all terrible timing. Heartbroken over finding Miguel cheating on her, Lindsay would’ve found it hard to believe him.

Eventually, the conversation would have turned to Miguel asking Lindsay where she’d been. She told him she couldn’t come to the party because she was working late, but he discovered she didn’t check in that day when he went to the bookstore. This means she was elsewhere and didn’t want Miguel to know about it. The voices in his head convinced him that she was with someone else cheating on him.

Lindsay would have clarified her situation and told him about returning home to clear things up with her fianceé. This was something that she had never mentioned before, so discovering that she had been engaged would have come as a shock to Miguel. The fact that she kept the wedding dress with her all these months would have fueled the fire. With both of them blaming each other and the voices inside their head feeling validated, they called quits on their relationship.

Months later, when they meet, things don’t go well. Lindsay leaves her finished book for him to read, making Miguel realize she was right. He didn’t like being an investment banker. So, when he is fired, he doesn’t feel like his world has ended. He also draws illustrations for Lindsay’s story, making Lindsay realize that Miguel truly sees her. The character, which was called ugly and unattractive by McGooch, is seen differently by Miguel.

Shutting out the voices in their heads, Lindsay and Miguel return to each other. They confess their feelings. This is also when something weird happens. While kissing Miguel, Lindsay burps. While apologizing, she tells him how she has been feeling weird lately. As she starts talking about the sudden change in her eating habits and her strange cravings, she realizes that these are the symptoms of pregnancy. Miguel, too, realizes it as the voices inside their heads go haywire, all reaching the same conclusion simultaneously. Lindsay is pregnant.

The couple broke up sometime in late November or early December, which means it has been around a month since their break, considering they patched things on Christmas. This means she’s in the early stages of her pregnancy, which explains why she didn’t figure it out earlier. Where she and Miguel go from here remains to be seen, but it will significantly impact their relationship, which is still in its nascent stage. They have barely begun to figure things out, and a baby on the way is sure to complicate matters further.

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