Do Lissa and Christian End Up Together in Vampire Academy? Will Lissa Marry Jesse?


Peacock’s ‘Vampire Academy’ is set in a world where vampires live in their own society, away from the human world. The story focuses on the political conflict brewing in the vampire royalty as their queen plans to retire and the matter of her heir throws the council into an ideological divide. Young Lissa Dragomir is caught in the middle of it, while dealing with the discovery of her forbidden powers, as well as falling in love with an outcast. Romance is an important part of ‘Vampire Academy’, mostly because it highlights the class structure of the vampire society. The protagonists often find themselves falling for those with whom their relationship is frowned upon. Lissa lands herself in a similar situation. This makes one wonder, will she end up with Christian, or will she marry Jesse, the guy she barely likes? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Lissa End Up With Christian?

When Lissa and Christian first meet, the spark between them is undeniable. Despite Christian’s status as a social outcast, due to the questionable choices made by his parents, Lissa maintains a friendship with him. She is warned by others, who believe that her closeness with a person whose parents chose to be Strigoi will not do her any favors politically. She needs to have the right people backing her if she wishes to continue holding her seat on the council and to stay in the race to become the next Moroi monarch. Still, try as she might, circumstances always lead her back to Christian.

When it becomes clear that Lissa and Christian intend to continue their relationship, no matter what everyone else says, trouble arises when Lissa’s claim to the council seat comes into question. Because she is the only Dragomir left alive, she doesn’t have enough backing to claim her place in the council. For this, she needs to marry someone with enough Dragomir blood, though through a distant relation, to get her back in the game. As she goes through her options, Jesse turns out to be her best alternative. In the fifth episode of Season 1, Lissa explains her situation to Christian, saying that even though she wants to be with him, she has to marry Jesse. Does this mean that this is the end of the road for the couple? Not quite.

In the book series of the same name, on which ‘Vampire Academy’ is based, Lissa and Christian end up together. Over the course of six books, they go through a lot of ups and downs. At times, they break up with each other and briefly indulge in other affairs, but eventually, after all is said and done, Lissa and Christian find their way back to each other. Should the TV series stay true to the source material, we can expect the same thing to happen for the couple on screen.

However, there is no guarantee that the series will be forever faithful to the books. For example, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is also based on a book series, which focuses on the love triangle between Elena, Damon, and Stefan. In the TV show, created by Julie Plec, who also serves as the co-creator of ‘Vampire Academy’, Elena ends up with Damon. In the books, however, she chooses Stefan. This is a significant shift but not uncalled for. The TV series had started to deviate from the books from the very beginning. Even though some of the key things from the novels were kept in the show, they significantly differ from each other, especially in terms of character arcs. With Plec helming ‘Vampire Academy’, a similar thing could also happen here.

From what has happened in the series so far, a lot is going on in Lissa’s life. Her priority right now is to figure out the origins and the true extent of her powers. Next, she has the burden of carrying forward the Dragomir legacy and contending for the throne. Thinking about romance is not a luxury she can afford right now. So, it looks like she might have to go through with her wedding to Jesse. However, nothing is final until it has happened, which means that there is still hope for Christian and Lissa. With so much happening all at once, there is no knowing what the next episode brings for the couple, and a new twist could bring Lissa back into the council without having to get married.

There is also the possibility of Lissa marrying Christian. In the beginning, when Lissa was going through the list of possible suitors, she also had Christian’s name on the list. She didn’t consider him because he didn’t have a strong enough connection to the Dragomir bloodline and marrying him would make her more of an outcast, something that she can’t afford right now. Still, should she marry him, things just might fall in her favor legally, even if not socially. So, there is still enough scope for the couple to end up together, depending heavily on what the future brings for them.

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