Do Lockwood and Lucy Get Together in Lockwood and Co, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Lockwood and Co’ is a supernatural drama that puts the fate of the world in the hands of teenagers. Adults have been rendered useless in the fight against ghosts. Only teenagers who are born with the talent to sense ghosts have any agency over protecting themselves and others from this otherworldly threat. Lucy Carlyle is one of those gifted people, and even in that category, she exhibits signs of being much more powerful than she initially appeared.

She joins the ghost-hunting agency run by Anthony Lockwood, who is also a gifted teenager and is particularly skilled with a rapier. Accompanied by their other partner, George, they solve many difficult cases together. After all that they go through, Lockwood and Lucy develop an understanding of each other, and it looks like it might develop into something more. If you are wondering whether this means that they will end up together, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Blossoming Connection Between Lockwood and Lucy

Image Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/ Netflix

Lockwood and Lucy meet each other for the first time when she shows up to interview for the position of joining the team as a ghost hunter. She immediately impresses Lockwood and George, who were disappointed in all the people who had shown up for the interview but turned out to be lackluster in their own ways. Lucy proved to be talented, competent, and straightforward. She didn’t shy away from calling out things as they are and that’s what leads Lockwood to bring her on board, even when he knows that she lied about her fourth-grade certificate, which is the requirement for someone becoming a professional hunter.

While Lockwood gauges her talent, Lucy discovers that Lockwood is very gifted in his own right. He trained at Fittes and was a prodigy with a rapier. The fact that he has started his own agency at such a young age is also very inspiring to Lucy, who has only recently been able to leave behind her mother, who was using her to make money and didn’t care about her at all. This mutual admiration between them develops further as they tackle cases together and discover just how talented they are.

Over time, Lockwood, who generally assumes the aura of a detached person with little care for others, starts to open up to Lucy. As he softens towards her, he realizes that he has feelings for her. This, added to the fact that Lucy’s powers are revealed to be much more potent, leads Lockwood to prioritize her. George sees this as a disregard for his place in the team, both from Lockwood and Lucy, who often sideline him to research while taking the lead on the case.

Image Credits: Parisa Taghizadeh/Netflix

With the chemistry between Lockwood and Lucy, it is clear that there is something between them. By the end of the first season, they have a better understanding of each other, but there’s still a long way for them to actually admit their feelings for one another. The fact that they are co-workers could make things a little complicated if they were to get into a relationship. Mixing personal and professional life is rarely a good decision, and this could also prove dangerous on the field, where one lapse of judgment could cost the other their life.

Another thing that stands in the way of Lockwood and Lucy’s romance is Lockwood himself. He is still very closed off from the others, though, in the final scene of the season, it looks like he is ready to let Lucy and George into the secrets of his life. He is also a sucker for attention and wants to be recognized for his work. He is also very impulsive and doesn’t give much thought to his actions. His recklessness has often led his team into trouble. While Lockwood promises not to repeat this, he still needs to work on himself. One wrong decision on his part could cost the team everything that they’ve worked for.

Despite this, there is no denying that there is a good chance that Lockwood and Lucy might resolve their differences, especially considering that Lucy has already started to take the lead on several fronts. Her arrival has also changed him in a lot of ways, and we expect that by the time ‘Lockwood and Co’ comes to an end, Lucy and Lockwood will have addressed their feelings for each other and will give their relationship a chance, at least once.

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