Do Lockwood and Lucy Die in Lockwood and Co? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s ‘Lockwood and Co’ follows the story of the titular ghost-hunting agency run by three teenagers— Lockwood, George, and Lucy. All three of them are the best at what they do, which makes them one of the best ghost hunters in the world. Desperate to prove their worth, Lockwood always takes up cases that others would think twice before even considering. It is his reckless decisions that often leave the team in a very precarious position. The same happens when he accepts a challenge, losing which would mean all of them losing their careers. However, that becomes the least of their worries when they find themselves in mortal danger. If you are wondering whether Lockwood and Lucy make it out alive, then we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Lockwood Die?

Image Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/ Netflix

In the quest to locate the Bone Glass and get their hands on it before the Fittes, Lockwood finds himself face-to-face with death a number of times. In this process, he also ends up destroying the lives of some other people. However, things turn out relatively well for him by the end. He ends up making a nemesis for himself in the form of the man with the golden blade, and it is this mysterious man who almost kills him twice.

In the final episode, Lockwood and Lucy realize that George, under the spell of the Bone Mirror and a little manipulation by Joplin, has taken the Bone Glass to the catacombs. Joplin means to look into the glass and the duo doesn’t want their friend to get caught up in it. They try to find Goerge together, but when the Golden Blade shows up, Lockwood tells Lucy to go to the catacombs alone. He challenges the Blade alone and is confident that once again, he’ll be victorious. This time, however, the Blade is in no mood for a duel.

Lockwood is shot by the mysterious man and he falls down. Luckily, the shot is not fatal. Lockwood survives long enough to help his friends defeat Edmund Bickerstaff’s ghost. With their help, he makes his way back up and is on the mend by the time the credits start to roll on the first season.

Does Lucy Die?

Image Credits: Parisa Taghizadeh/Netflix

While Lockwood fights the Golden Blade, Lucy makes her way to Joplin and George. By the time she finds them, Joplin has already held George captive and is about to force him to look into the Bone Glass. Lucy knows that this act will kill George, and because she doesn’t want to lose her friend and feels guilty about neglecting him for the past couple of days, she offers up herself in his place. She claims to be more powerful than him and argues that she would be able to withstand the adverse effects of the Bone Glass for much longer.

Joplin agrees to let Lucy take George’s place, but when she exposes the Bone Glass, Lucy puts the Skull in front of herself. She doesn’t look at the Bone Glass and the Skull takes the full brunt of it. Still, the Bone Glass is too powerful and Lucy happens to be a very powerful listener in its vicinity. Even though she doesn’t look at it, the glass starts to affect her and she falls unconscious. Seeing that his friend will die if he doesn’t do something, George intervenes. This leads the Bone Mirror to fall and break, which breaks its influence on Lucy and she is saved. By the end of the series, Lucy has recovered, at least physically, from her experience in the catacombs and is ready to take on new cases.

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